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  1. New tubes = fixed, for anyone still viewing this post
  2. I just checked the main fuse, its blown. The tube protection fuse is still good though. (Thank you fuse for saving an investment!) So my next question is does this mean it might not be the tube?
  3. I stopped playing, and tried to see what was going on, 30 sec latter is when it blew. Now that I think about it it probably was a leaky tube, otherwise their would be no gas inside the tube to create the plasma I saw. Also i found some "ash" in that tube I pulled out.
  4. So I removed all the tubes, the amp won't turn on. I check the main fuse to, and its still good. I think that means it may not be the tubes... or is that normal if you remove the tubes?
  5. Hey, overtime I noticed a popping sound was starting to occur in my amp. A couple days ago I found that whenever the popping sound occurred, plasma appeared in the tubes, sort of like something electricity zapped across the tube. I have also noticed that that tube was much hotter than the others, but later that day it popped one more time, and then the amp powered off, and it would not turn back on. Is this just a tube blowing out? Or something else. As far as it being a short, the plasma, or electricity was not like a lighting bolt, it was more like a purple-blueish glowing cloud in the tube. This is my first tube amp, and it has been a year since I got, I have not changed the tubes since I got it.
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