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  1. Yeah I ended up working it out but the signal was super scratchy and sounded nothing like when I play through it normally, it was really harsh no matter what I did with the faders in the daw (pro tools 10 if that helps). Like there wasn't really a sweet spot, it was sort of just too much gain then not enough gain (I tried adjusting it accordingly on the patch too, it sounded a little better but still pretty rough. Any ideas on that?
  2. Do you mean if my interface has more than one input or channel? because I've got 8 channels so I was going to send line out from channel 1 to mic in on channel two. Is that what you mean?
  3. Hey guys, so I'm looking for some information. I want to try and re amp some real amps and stuff but I don't want to go blow money on a reamp box if I can't get a usable tone in my environment so looking to practice first. My question is can I use the pod hd pro I have as a reamp box. It has a line in and the output has the level options of "line" or "amp". I'm wondering if I run the DI track I recorded on to my computer out of my interface by one of the line outputs in to the pod hd pro line input, then with no fx on the patch run the output as "amp" in to an actual amp I have at home, then mic the cab up n stuff from there. Will that convert the levels correctly? Obviously don't want to run line level in to an amp. I just want to make sure the "amp" option is instrument level I guess. Is this a bad idea? lol. To sum it up, I'm wanting to know if I record a di track on pro tools then run the di track >line out from interface >line in on pod hd pro >Amp level out on pod hd pro with no fx >tube screamer pedal or any other pedals otherwise straight in to an amp >amp in to speaker cabinet >mic in front of speaker cabinet and back in to the interface through a mic input. Thanks in advance for the help!
  4. I've got a Peavey 6505+ and I'm wanting to know if I can run my Pod hd pro before and after the actual amp, like I'll explain what I want to do: I want to run the pods effects like comp, gate and things like that before my peaveys pre amp and then run things like delay reverb and eq's n what not after my peaveys pre amp and before the peaveys power amp section So sort of like: Guitar-> pod guitar input (run some fxs)-> Peavey guitar input-> get peavey distortion -> fx loop send of peavey to pod-> pod fx-> pod out to peavey fx loop return-> Power amp output to actual cab. So I won't need to run a amp and cab simulator in the chain on the pod obviously. Anyone able to let me know if I can do this and if so how I would arrange for the pod to put the delay on the fx loop send and returns instead of through the guitar input at the start before the pre amp Thanks in advance!
  5. Nope, it will change for you when you pay, so it will come out of your account the equivalent to what the usd cost is in your countries currency
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