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  1. No problems here with these rechargeable AA-cells for years: https://www.monacor.com/de-de/monacor/produkte/components/energie-messen-und-selbstbau/akkus-und-batterien/nimh-2800-4/
  2. Is it possible to use the P180 antennas directly on 3 daisy chained XD-V70 receivers without the XD-AD8 splitter? Or is the XD-AD8 required so that using the antennas without it is useless?
  3. Hello again. Done. I'm looking forward to a quick reply. Unfortunately not. Thomann recommended contacting Line6 directly. Regards, #1
  4. Hello, during my last gig, the lid of the battery housing was broken. The spare part is not listed in the Line6 shop :( . Maybe there's a possibility to purchase it anyway? Im living in Germany... Please help! With kind regards, #1
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