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  1. Hi, I just solved the issue! Hxfx behaves just the same way the helix is - if the right output is not connected, signal merge to the left. The problem was probably in my presets. I imported them from helix and even everything was set properly, some settings from helix stay active but not visible in hx edit of hxfx. After I copy everything block by block to a new preset, problem disappeared.
  2. Hmm, thats not the answer I want to hear :-) I use HXFX to prevent from additional external solutions a doubling of presets is crazy when you want to adjust something. I just wonder why it behaves so different from helix. I would expect opposite as split in two paths with two output blocks seams "harder" than just mixer L/R split. I'll test the same on HX Stomp.
  3. I used to use helix in the same way. Regarding problem with volume knob - you can simply assigne volume knob on helix to xlr out only in global settings. 1/4 are not affected by volume then at all.
  4. Hi, thanks for reply. Maybe I named the topic wrong - it's more like dual mono path rather than stereo. This is tha way I set up my HXFX (or stomp). I split the signal and chose the path via snapshot. Then in the mixer, I split the paths between left and right. Thats the way I can A/B/Y my amps using left/right (main) 1/4 outs. But when I use just L main out (mono), signal paths doesn't merge and I hear just path A (or nothing when I switch to path B) On the Helix floor, I used to split the paths in the same way but I didn't merge them at the end. I chose 1/4 out for both paths and pan one to the left and the other one to the right (sorry, can't share a picture as I don't own floor any longer). And when I disonected right jack, both paths merged to left 1/4 out. I can't do that on hxfx or stomp because there is no other output block for path B apart from FX send.
  5. Hi, recetly I've switched from floor to HXFX because of its size. I knew the difference but there is one thing which surprises me. I use two separate paths, one to my clean and one to me overdriven amp. On helix, I split the signal at the start and choose 2 different output blocks (L and R) for each path. On HXFX, I must merge the signal in the mixer block and pan path A to left and path B to right. So far so good. But, on helix, when I disconnect one of the outputs (to play with just one amp at home), signal merged automatically to mono(left) output. On HXFX seams that signal is hard split between both outputs even when just one output is connected. Do you have any idea please how to solve the issue without changing the mixer block pan to centre every time I change my amps setup? Thank you in advance!
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    HX Stomp FAQ

    Hi, is there a chance how to use "hybrid" set-up (amp+direct) without loosing the fx loop? Like mentioned in the manual, I can set a stereo path and choose a different output. But can I get two completly independent paths for stereo? Like guitar->hx stomp L in->fx loop with my pedals->hx stomp L out-> amp in->line out->hx stomp R in-> only IR->hx stomp R out (with no fx or fx loop asigned). Thanks in advance!
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