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  1. Hi, My looper on my HD500 has stopped working correctly. I think it is since last update. Example of what happens - Using variax set to 12 string. Record loop in post Change to distorted to play over loop Sound changes in loop it appears to change to normal acoustic guitat Some patches do not change sound of loop Brand new patch changes sound of loop This makes the looper pretty useless and I use it frequently in my band. I do have another looper to use, but great inconvenience as the FX loops is used as volume boost and I would have to chage all my patches to suit I have tried changing to pre once loop started to see what happens and it adds effects of new patch selected.
  2. I retained the presets, and will try the above Thanks
  3. I updated my HD500 today and have real issues with creating patches. When using the POD HD500 edit software I created 3 new patches, once uploaded to the HD500 and everything OK. Closed the HD500 edit software down and all the distorted tones from the amps changed to clean tones, no matter how I adjusted the gain using the controls on the HD500. When selecting a different amp and back again the tone of the amp changed to a little distortion from the amp, but not nearly up to the levels that they were originally at. I started the HD500 edit software again and it failed to upload on start up. Uploaded the patches once I tried a second time. Tones came back to what they originally were. Closed the editor software down again and the tones changed back to how they sounded after the first upload. I tired changing the amp back and forward again on the HD500 and got the DSP limit reached. It was not a complicated patch. I then switched the power off for 5 seconds and restarted, this allowed me to change amps again to sort the issue a little, but still no joy with getting the sounds back to how the sound with the editor software
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