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  1. dbennett1152

    Where can we share spider v user set ups ?

    how about csv file for import,,,,,,,,,,,,
  2. dbennett1152

    Amplifi TT seems very slow

    use a fbv mrk ii shortboars foot pedal to have 4 tones a b c d. use 5 switches to modinfy each of adcd output.each tone. i name sound as a song or as a type of guitar or music type. ie concert clasical acoustic.. or Nightmoves or clasic 50s rock........
  3. dbennett1152

    The To Be Used Later Usb Port....

    how about use it to connect to hd 500 or variax 500
  4. dbennett1152

    Functionality With Fbv Shortboard Mk Ii

    i tried one and it made amp transmit tone while in non tune mode, . it was easily returned, I have alli can do rto uuse myy variax 500 with pod hd500 and then plug it in to apmlfi....It sounds great an muuch eaere to control than dt50 can hd 500 talk to amplifi with use of a miidi ?,,
  5. dbennett1152

    Dt50 Hd500 Computer Usb Noise Whhite Buzz

    hd400hum destroyer cool to touch what gets hot:?
  6. buy a behrinnger hd400 hum destroyer install at 1/4 inch power into speaker. quite as a mouse