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  1. Sorry, the randomly reboots are still there. So the cause it is not only the preset … :( :( I decided to bring it to my music shop. They have had 3 random reboots during the 2 first days of testing but since then (10 days) no more reboots at all …:huh: So they don't know what to do and which part they need to replace (main board or power supply). They called Yamaha but they do not know anything about this problem. I'll keep you updated. It would be great if Line6 could give the dealers some informations on how to investigate that kind of problem.;)
  2. Hi there, Same problem here. After checking everything (cables, iPad, Mac, reset coreaudio, temp, power source, reloaded the firmware etc …) I finally found out that it was a specific preset that was causing the reboot. I deleted it immediately and now the amp do not reboots anymore. Hope this helps.
  3. Hi, Did you find out how to set the default volume ? Mine is starting up with a lound cracking sound, the guitar volume at 100% and the overall volume at 30% :-((( Thanks
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