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  1. I know this is an old thread but in case anyone strolls by, my experience with this same issue turned out to be with the 5-pos switch. The 3rd position was the problem. Contact cleaner dripped in there will fix it for a while.
  2. Well, that was almost disappointingly simple. Wait a week-and-a-half for can of (DeoxIT D5) contact cleaner (plastic safe) to arrive with other stuff I bought. Open package, Attach straw. PHSHHT! Problem solved!
  3. Thanks, guys. I will most definitely go the contact cleaner route first! WIll report back when I get a chance. (Ultimately the solution is to buy more guitars in the future. Color of cable doesn't match guitar? Better get another guitar to solve the situation.)
  4. County me in the crew of people with problem 5-way switches. My less than a year old JTV-69 plays fine when turned on for modeling. All 5 positions work, so whatever row of contacts is responsible for that is just fine. Turn off the modeling and the middle mag pickup is seemingly dead though it did work perfectly for seven or eight months since I acquired the guitar. There was no scratchiness or behavior like oxidation or residue had built up on contacts. I discovered if you pressed the 5-way switch one way or the other, the contact was reestablished and the mag pickup worked fine again. Unfortunately, after doing that a couple times to troubleshoot, it no longer wanted to do that again. Further stressing it only results in the soft metal switch itself bending. Exercising the switch had made no difference when I initially tried troubleshooting it. So replacement is the sensible route though if forced to, I could live with things as is as long as the modeling and switching worked. I'm aware of the warranty violation that would result from a DIY but I live in the boondocks nowhere near authorized repair centers and a couple stops off the beaten path for delivery. There was an authorized repair center just a town or two away, I believe, but they succombed to the Internet after 37 years in business and closed last year. Has anyone here replaced the 5-way switch already on the PCB in their JTV-69 (or similar)? I'm not afraid of getting my soldering tip dirty and treading carefully around the more crucial innards. I'll update here if I ever get around to it. It appears a few people around these forums have replaced pots though. For anyone else looking through the forums looking for the info I've found so far: FullCompass sells a 5-way switch labeled for the 300 but I imagine if that was indeed a suitable replacement, you'd still have to mount it on the board after removing the previous one. That's a PIA and adds more solder points to have to worry about in the long run. A post at VGuitar on JTV replacement parts points to this already mounted JTV69 User Interface Kit. I think there's only a couple of wires to be detached/reattached for replacement but I will closer examine the photos linked below soon. A look inside the guts of Variax, where I believe someone is working on a JTV-69 http://www.snapagogo.com/user/album.php?id=830 Related thread: http://line6.com/support/topic/6413-pickup-selector-switch/
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