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  1. I cannot open the update file(s) from macOS Catalina. Does anyone know of a workaround?
  2. I'm using Light Top/Heavy Bottom strings on my JTV-69, and really like the better sound from most guitar models, especially the acoustics. I had the adjust the trem springs, and re-intonate the bridge. All is good!
  3. My JTV-69's middle pickup has quit working. :( I opened her up to see if there was a loose wire that had become disconnected, but couldn't see any problem. Has anyone else experienced this or a similar problem with your magnetic pickups?
  4. Junis, I confirm that bug. I've opened a support ticket. I linked to your video as evidence.
  5. I've created a chart of the different guitars. You can download it here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/27557/Variaxes.pdf
  6. ALL of the guitars are "way mo betta" -- I especially like the changes to the Tele, the Les Paul, and the 335. The jury's still out about the Silver Jet -- might just be me, but it seems way darker.
  7. Yay! I'm not crazy! I hope the update worked well for you. I'm LOVING my guitar now!
  8. I had the same problem when an update to 1.9 firmware resulted in a green light on my Model Sector knob. Here's what I discovered: My magnetic pickups were ALWAYS ON. So, when using alternative tunings in modelling mode, the mag pickups were adding THEIR sound to the mix, and totally screwing everything up. The fix (for me): Reinstall firmware 1.7, and then update to 1.9.
  9. Well, thorneven, while the LED of the Tunings knob does glow blue when you've changed a tuning ("virtual capo") on that setting, that's not the green LED on the Model Select knob/switch that I saw. I did notice that when I unplugged and replugged the guitar's VDI cable that the magnetic pickups then stayed on the whole time, even when I was playing a modeled guitar. Only by reinstalling the 1.7 firmware and then updating to 1.9 solved THAT issue. (Stepping back to 1.8x didn't solve that problem.) So, as far as LED colors, we know: Steady WHITE = Model Select (Audition) Mode Flashing WHITE = Customization Mode BLUE (on tuning wheel) = Saved alt tuning selected Flashing RED = Reset Mode GREEN = ???
  10. I have a new JVT-69, and just updated to the latest firmware (1.9) -- and when the process was finished, the LED on my Model Selector knob was glowing green. Unplugging the guitar from the VDI cable and plugging it back in changed the LED to white. So, does anyone have a list of what the different LED colors/flashes indicate? I've read the manual a couple of times, and see where it changes depending on if you're doing the virtual capo thing, but nothing about a green indicator.
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