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  1. One of my favorites is the LP body with mini-humbuckers. The 89 pickups are also fun. Use the "spank" single-coil pickups, and you can emulate coil-splitting. Build all the positions for a 3 pickup setup (HHH), and things get really interesting. Now ask yourself, will the middle pickup be a treble or a bass pickup? Throw in some out-of-phase and/or series wirings, for good measure. The sheer number of choices will start to make your brain hurt after awhile... :)
  2. I can't speak for L6 and answer the "why" part of your question, but I can confirm that this is real and not just your imagination. I noticed yesterday while exploring an issue from another thread, and was as surprised as you to find many of the values are not ideal for the pickups/models they are emulating. Not a huge deal as they can be changed to whatever you want in workbench... just seems sloppy as a starting point.
  3. I've had two jtv-69's. First one was 1/5... arrived broken and sent back. Second one arrived in good shape, and after spending some quality time setting it up, has been 5/5 for me. You can lower the strings if you like the action to be lower. They do come set up a bit high from the factory.
  4. Considering the number of comments in other threads about users being disappointed with the 2 and 4 strat/spank positions, you could really be on to something here. Did anyone get a ticket open yet? I haven't registered mine, but may be worth doing so if it would help push this issue up the chain of command here.
  5. I can only speak on my personal experience with the jtv-69, as you will find a wide range of answers. For me, with 1.9 and prior, the model string volume at default 100% was too high - caused clipping and did not match the mags. I tuned string volume down to 60% or so and was better. With 2.0, the string volume is on par with the mags right out of the box. No clipping this time. So, I think they did tweak the volumes with 2.0, but in a good way and more balanced.
  6. Thanks for taking the time to make a great comparison video!
  7. You can always roll back. For me, it took about 60 seconds with the new sounds, and I knew I would not be going back. But they give you the option if you like one of the earlier updates better.
  8. Don't take it the wrong way when they say it's for jtv-89 customers only. I loaded that bank onto my jtv-69 and it works great! I think they are just trying to get the attention of 89 users who may be scratching their heads wondering where their high gain patches have gone after updating.
  9. Hi all! I posted a new video featuring acoustic models from my JTV-69 (v1.90). You can check it out here: And be sure to leave some feedback! Thanks
  10. JTV-69 with 10s here, haven't noticed any more breakage than other Strats.
  11. Short answer is yes, unless you have a "no load" tone pot.
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