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  1. i have a 59 cherry burst, works and feel perfectly after correcting the action, changed the pickups to seymour duncan slash alnico II
  2. me too, i roll back to 1.72 with the old acoustic sounds and i tweak the eq´s on the fx-rack higher(presence!). the guitar works good for me. i think a softwareupdate is a good thing, if there were huge improvement, but you listen to the comparison of v1.9 vs 2.0 and v 1.9 to old v500, the difference is not very big. Cause everytime you change your settings (update) you´ll have to change (tweak) your sounds to your personal taste, and in the end it´s more an "tweaking" than an guitarplaying! i always say: never change a winning system - don´t tweak to much --> play your guitar (it´s all in your fingers) greetings vjclaus
  3. Somebody at youtube started a real great comparison between v1.9 vs 2.0 for me the 1,9 works better http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=stlVpOJLzPk
  4. i´m interesting of update to FW 2.0, but is it possible to downgrade to V1.9 after the update to 2.0? i like on v1.9 the acoustic sounds, the jazzbox 4, spank 2 & 4 how many of you guys does an downgrade to 1.9 after the update? vjclaus
  5. please can somebody make a real good comparison on youtube strat 2/4 old an new one, and jazzbox old an new one
  6. interesting what you say "especially the acoustics" they don´t have changed. it´s funny what people hear new on the same existing model with no change :lol: :lol: :lol:
  7. Important: never change a winning system!!! i´ve tried the 1.9 and now the 2.0 there are no hudge difference in sound for me to change them. i personaly prefer the acoustic sounds of the 1.7, so i always go back to this version
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