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  1. So nice to hear! Is it possible to assign different patches to different midi cc's? Lets say i got an external fotswitch sending cc00-cc15, could i program the patches to theese signals so it would match up? I was looking at the randall Rf8 wich seems perfect for this.
  2. Hm.... I really think line 6 shuld release a ABCDEFGH option for this. Anyway, i've been thinking about buying an external midi controller to switch patches and keep the pod itseld in fs1-8 mode. In this way i switch patches with the external controller and switch pedals with the pod itself (this will work right?).
  3. Hi! I have a pod-hd500. You can set fs1-8 for induvidual pedal changes on a single patch, but i want to have fs1-8 to switch between 8 patches (without any pedal switching possibility). Is this possible? Thanks
  4. So there is no way in the hd editor to change this? If i get a pod hd pro, would it be possible to switch between alot of patches with footswithces on an midi controller?
  5. Hi! Is it possible to assign patches to fs1-fs4 instead of having pedals?
  6. Hi, i had a pod hd500 for 1,5 years, but it broke so i got a new one. Anyway when i click the looper button, the looper screen dosent come up, and the pre/post button blinks so i can toggle between pre and post looping. When i have set it to post, i still cant open the looper (i can loop stuf, but i just see the normal amp screen). Any tips?
  7. Hi, im gonna install pod hd500 edit, drivers and stuff on a new computer. I wonder if line 6 monkey software. Both of my previous pcs took ages to download the program and that damn monkey gave me bluescreen several times. So is possible to do all the firmware/ download stuff online without a software? If not, i dont see why line 6 dosent do that. I get it you have tons of line 6 hardware and software, but for pepole like me with only an pod hd wold have a much easier time if you could just do it from your browser.
  8. Hi. On a dual amp patch, i wonder how i choose the pan position of the amps?
  9. Hi, i want my pod hd500 to operate in 24-bit, 44.1 khz. This is easy to configure when plugging it in the computer, but how do i choose it be be like this when im not on the computer? I guess it operates in 16 bit by default.
  10. Hi, i just got my pod hd500 back from a long wile in repair (until they gave me a new one). I took backup of my tones before i sendt it away. Before i sendt it away it had 8 setlists, where 4 was empty user banks. Now when i have updated and synced it its still 8 banks, but only 3 is user setlists (so im missing one). How can i replace one of theese setlists i dont need for a "User 4" setlist? If this is not possible, how can i then choose to keep User 1,2 and 4? User 3 is the least important.
  11. Hi! On my pod hd500 i have 4 footswitches to switch between patches and stompboxes. I want to use more than 4 patches live. Is there a midi footswitch that lets me do it?
  12. Hi, i wonder, if i use my pod hd500 direct out with the l/mono 1/4" jack to my passive beringher ultra di-600p DI box. At the input at this box you can either choose between instrument and amp (depending on the indipendence of the signal or something). Amp adds an attenuator at -30db or something like that. What shuld i set it do when using the pod direct?
  13. Hi, i use the bluecomp compressor for solo boost. The problem is that it adds a slight cliping noise at the start at every note. Anyone know how i can prevent this? Is there a way to get a similar sound without using the blue comp? Cant get that boost with the tube comp.
  14. Ok thank you!! Is there a way to organize and move patches around without using the pod hd edit?
  15. So there basiclly is no way to make the amp b block go away?
  16. Yeah, but how can i make it look like a normal single amp patch?
  17. If i mute path b, will then the block it used to be in disappear?
  18. But why do they tell me that i have bought stuff i havent? I checked my account for autorized devices and i saw no variax.
  19. I know this is not the right forum for this, but it is no other forums that match... For a month ago i got an email from promotions@go.line6.com that said something like "congratulations buying your pod hd500" etc.. followed by some promotions. I didnt think so much about it since i own a pod hd500 (but i bought it 1.5 years ago). But today they sendt me a mail saying "congratulations buying your james tyler variax", something that im sure i did not do. So have anybody else experienced something like this? Is promotions@go.line6.com a spam mail?
  20. Hi, if i have a dual amp patch and want to only use 1 amp, how do i do it? It always is a "hole" where the other used to be. Also where do i controll how dual amps are panned, what is stereo fx etc? I want ALL of my patches in mono, so i can use a single xlr.
  21. So maybe i shuld use mono xlr then. If i have cable from the left xlr going to the pa, that left signal wouldnt be affected if i plugged a monitor in the right xlr output? (Or line out for that matter)? Also, i really dont understend how a Y cable would mess up phase stuff. Wouldnt it just be both of the signals blended together?
  22. But i really want to use xlr. Is my best bet to use a Y splitter or just one cable from either l or r? The thing about phase wierdness scares me a little. I want everything mono, so i try to make my patches as mono as i can. Is this phase wierdnes thing just a theory or shuld i really worry? How does it happen with a high end monster Y cable?
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