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  1. And Kemper uses the same setup... Not trying to mock in any way :P I'm just proving my "logic" :D
  2. I think the G-system works that way because it's supposed to work with multiple MIDI devices. If you look at a Strymon Timeline, for example, the MIDI CC:s equals 0 for off and 127 for on, which is the way the G-system works, but not the POD unfortunately... :( I'll dig a little deeper and see if I can change the behaviour of the G-system, but I doubt it. The workaround worked! Sorta... But now I program each patch with FS5 on, and when I engage the preset, the MIDI CC hits the POD and turns it off. So now I can choose whenever I want to put it in the chain. And if I want to have it engaged on a preset, I have to reverse it, and have it off on the preset. A bit finicky, but it is the way I want it to be. Huge thanks for your answers!
  3. Yeah, you're probably right there. Problem is, I save my patch with my stomp boxes all set to off (the way I want them), select my patch, my G-System sends program change 1 and MIDI CC #055 with a value of 0 = off (I've MIDI monitored it to check that this is the behavior) and the POD turns the pedal on. When I enable the stomp from the G-System it sends a value of 127. If I enable all the stomp boxes and save it, maybe that solves the problem? A bit weird way to do it, but maybe works?! Gonna try it when I come home.
  4. Hi guys, So, I'm using my 500X as an "amp" with multi effects stored in presets. I'm controlling everything with my TC Electronic G-System where I also have distortion pedals in my loops. Sounds real sweet and I'm super happy with the setup! Presets works fine 90% of the time, but sometimes I want to throw in a stompbox on the 500X when I've used up all the effects on the G-system, which also can work as a MIDI controller to the POD. For example, I send MIDI CC #055, which corresponds to POD FS5. Problem is, that the POD has reversed CC commands, in comparison to probably ALL THE WORLDS other MIDI capable units out there?! The POD listens to 0-63=on and 64-127=off. So every time I change a patch on the G-system, the pedals on the POD turns on. NOT what I want to do... Anyone knows why it is like this? Really strange MIDI behaviour in my opinion, as the majority of MIDI controllers is the other way around... Hope that Line6 can implement this in a firmware update, to be able to "reverse" MIDI Controller Change messages!
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