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  1. Ok, i managed to made to work my Vox Wha pedal V847 after discovering that has a built buffer built in, but.. no changes in sound quality... Maybe mine Vox Pedal hasn't any buffer circuit built in, how can i check it?
  2. This afternoon i'll resume my old Fender 15 cab and i'll give a try to the Vox Wah direct into it.. who knows... Yes, the volume knob on the PodGo is turned up
  3. How to check if a pedal can works as buffer, as i understand all Boss Pedals works, but which specifications i have to check in order to understand that a pedal has "buffer"?
  4. So you mean: Vox Wha power connected Guitar into "instrument" entrance of the Wha cable out from the Wha and going into "Guitar in" of the PodGo I tried this but no sound coming out :(
  5. Ahahah, i'm zero with this stuff... how can i connect the wha ONLY to fix the impedance issue ?
  6. Same issue here.. muddy tones.. i'm totally newbie in pedal effects and in analogic settings... can someone advise me a low budget pedal tha can act as buffer to buy? Only external pedal owned is a Wha VOX v847 but i don't think that can act as a buffer...
  7. You still use Amp Out ? Or a different out?
  8. I recently entered a little group gigging in bars, every member enters into a mixer then out to speakers to the public, i would like to add my Headrush FrfR 108 to monitor my sound, what's the best connections to be made? Last night i tried Left Out to Headrush and Amp Out to the mixer but i'm not satisfied, the volume knob on the Pod Go worked only on Headrush and for some reason i was too low on the mixer with track on max! I know that i could connect Left out to Headrush and than through the Headrush to the mixer too (PodGO-->Headrush-->Mixer) it's a better option? Some other advices?
  9. I assume that left channel is the default, am i wrong?
  10. I have an old but good Pod HD desktop version that includes a good looper section Unfortunately but obviously the looper can be activated/deactivated only by pressing the buttons by fingers, I wonder if Go can be connected to the HD into the FBV connection in order to use it as a foot switch for the HD's looper section
  11. I have a Pod Hd desktop version and i would like to know how to connect to a normal mixer, can be made through normal cable from Left Output ?
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