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  1. I second the cable reference from voxman55. Big difference using balance cables out from the PodGo to the Headrush and the contour set to flat on both vs. instrument cables. I have two I run in stereo using balanced cables and it sounds great! Just for reference, I have a Line 6 Spider IV HD 150 head and 4x12 cab, an EVH Stealth LBX and 1x12 cab as well and I think the Headrush and PodGo combo have a great sound. Not running any particular high end guitars either - stock EVH striped series, Jackson Soloist (1991) with Dimebag Duncan at the bridge, ESP LTD GL Kami4 (stock), ESP LTD KH-602 (stock), a Mexican Fender STD Strat S/S/HB (stock), 77 Fender Tele (stock), an ovation elec/acoustic and a new Kramer 84 (stock for now) - nothing special there and it all sounds great through the Pod and HR rig...
  2. Thanks, I appreciate your feedback. Do you think the sound you get is very close to uncolored by the speakers? Do you run the Pod Go directly into the HR's? I would say yes, they do not color or at least overly color the sound form the PodGo. And yes I run my PodGo direct at home with balanced cables and use them as monitors and run into the board when we are rehearsing or just jamming. I can tell the difference from my headphones and the HR's for sure. But others have echoed that here and on other posts.
  3. I have two of the HR108's I've had for over a year now and they are great. Use for practice, rehersal, monitors, etc. Very versatile and affordable. The stereo effect has been fun to learn as well. I am not making a living or gigging so take my opinion in that context. I highly recommend them and it beats the crap out of hauling a around a 4x12 and head or even a 1x12 and a head.
  4. There was an updated reply from Line 6 in the Knowledge base (12/20/19) that acknowledges the issue still persists and that Apple is supposedly addressing the fix in an upcoming update. No more details but at least there is movement and hope.
  5. Having the same issues with Sonic Port after the iOS upgrade/s. Worked fine prior to and I can get the Mobile Pod software to recognize the device on my iPad Pro (9.7) but no sound/output and can't fully determine if I have any actual signal in. Any fixes on deck yet?
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