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  1. Really, REALLY Good! Great job man! Well worth the money.
  2. I can confirm that trying to update from a different computer may help the problem. When I first received my helix rack I tried to update while connected to my Macbook Pro and it failed. The unit would no longer boot. After some frustration (and a minor heart attack) I tried the update with a mac mini that I had laying around and it worked fine. I hope you get them up and running. I use mine for worship at my church and it has been an amazing upgrade for me.
  3. Thanks. I really appreciate it. I am beginning to think my issue with how the Ground Control Pro sends cc messages from its instant access buttons. I can use it to change patches, but cannot get it to control an effect block for the life of me. I will have to try a different midi controller to confirm this though. Hopefully my Helix control arrives soon, then I can just forget about it. haha.
  4. I gave that a whirl, but with no luck. Thanks.
  5. Thanks. I am getting the blocks assigned fine, the problem I am having is getting the helix rack to react to the midi signals I am sending it. After consulting the manual I saw that under the list of midi cc commands they say stomp mode only.
  6. Is there a way to enter stomp mode without the foot controller? Quick explanation. I have received my Rack unit (amazing!) but the floor controller has not shipped yet. I have a ground control pro from voodoo labs and would like to use it in the interim. I have it set up to change my patches and have programmed other switches with the cc commands to emulate the foot switches from the list in the Helix manual. The only problem is that these commands only work in stomp mode Which I can't seem to enter without the floor controller. Any ideas?
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