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  1. I found a solution by myself: I simply use a Note on/off command of very low notes instead of the cc commands. No notes are sent out at change of internal patch inside HD500X. This way there are no troubles switching back and forth of sets/patches in MainStage.
  2. Hi folks, Apple's MainStage uses commands like "next patch", "previous patch", "next set" and "previous set" which can be triggered by midi commands. It is easy to set up the footswitches of Pod HD500X to send these midi commands to the computer. In my case I use midi command cc 106 for "previous set", cc107 for "next set" and so on. Next step: I want to send a program change to select the right sound patch on HD500X according to the patch in MainStage. No problem to tell MainStage to send a midi program change for choosing the right patch. Works fine. Next step: Set up a patch in HD500X with the appropriate sound. AND: Program the footswitches 1-4 to send out the commands for "next patch" and so on. And here comes my problem: After having received the program change command the HD500X sends at first as default all midi commands assigned to the footswitches, which means it sends all the commands "next patch", "previous patch", "next set", "previous set" with value "0" at the same time. MainStage doesn't know what to do and switches any sets and patches up and down. Is there any way to prevent the HD500X from sending out all footswitch midi commands immediately after receiving a program change???
  3. Hi folks, I bought a second hand Variax 500. Everything is fine, but if I plug it into my Pod XT live via VDI the Pod freezes and doesn't react on any switching. Unplugging the VDI of the Variax 500 puts the Pod back to life imedeatly. I can still hear the Variax's sound through the Pod, and switching the modeled sounds on Variax works normal. If I plug in the VDI of the 500 first and switch on power of the Pod lets stuck the booting of the Pod with a crinkled display. Monkey shows the Pod but not the Variax 500. I own a Variax 300 too which works well in junction with the Pod via VDI. It shows up in Monkey plugged into the Pod XT live. I updated all the drivers and software. No luck. I changed the RJ45 cable. No luck. But both cables work fine with Variax 300. I changed the RJ45 plug plate from the 300 to the 500. No luck. I found a forum thread where is written somebody found out plugging in an TS cable instead of a TRS cable while using the VDI connection to the pod solved his problem. Not mine. I tried to connect to workbench using Pod XT live as USB connection. Variax 500 couldn't be found, Variax 300 works. I bought the 500 as a backup on stage in case of broken string or any other failure of the 300. Switching the guitar model of the Variax by changing the presets of the Pod is essential for me. Switching presets on Pod and afterwards switching the guitar model by hand takes to long time and is difficult on a dark stage. Is anybody out there to help my 500 coexist with the Pod XT live???
  4. I have a similar problem. Bought a second hand Variax 500. If I plug the DVI cable into Pod XT live, the pod freezes, does not respond to any switches pushed. If I unplug the DVI everything works fine. Tried to reflash the Variax, but it didn't show up in Monkey. By t he way: I also have a Variax 300 since many years. It dos show up in Monkey, and Pod reacts normal if plugged in with Variax 300. Is there any way to reset the Variax 500 by itself, not using USB interface to computer? The Variax 500 works well by itself. All guitar models are switched normaly.
  5. Same problem here. Updated to Yosemite, Monkey says there is an update. If I try to run the Installer, it cannot install. "MacOsX must be higher than 10.5" - actually it is 10.10. Maybe Monkey looks after System number and finds 10.1 because only the first figure behind the dot ist recognized. I found this Tutorial: Change Mac OS X System Version back down from Yosemite to Mavericks, but I didn't try it, because many people report a crashing system afterwards.
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