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  1. Anyone willing to help me out with uploading my Armin tool kit? I have had so many different problems im about to put my own head through the wall. anyone please? thank you Chris http://www.facebook.com/elusivechris
  2. The Vetta is STILL the best amp I have EVER owned. The DT 50 totally sucks imo, the newer Pods as well! The sound is to thin and sterile. I don't know why the Vetta was so expensive? But I have three FULL stacks and I worship them!
  3. Hello, I was wondering if anyone here ever had any problems installing his mods? I recently bought it about 9 days ago and I still can't figure this out. I have been e-mailing ARMIN over and over this week, but I am not sure if its helping? The biggest problem is running the Line 6 MONKEY. He said you can ONLY use updates from 2012 up to before the most recent 1.67. I have tried 7 different versions on MONKEY and I STILL cannot find one that has the "FLASH/FIRMWARE" tab in the UPDATES? Anyone here help? thank you
  4. Hello, I have been trying to find some Vetta 4x12 cabinets for my Vetta ll HD. I have already found 3, but I need one more. Anyhow i have been looking online, mostly used guitar center and I have gotten lucky so far. BUT its so DIFFICULT to identify all the line 6 4x12's from each other. And there's NO info on past cabs with G12h-90 speakers. The legacy photos only shows the current line 6 logo? A few questions 1. What was the first VETTA 4x12? Meaning did Line 6 make the SAME cab for the Flextone as for the Vetta 1? I heard the Flextones had tubetone speakers in them? 2. Also the there's only 2 ways that I know how to identify Vetta 4x12's and thats they all have white piping on the front and they all have the OHMS selector on the back plate (320 watts max) 3. anyone selling one? thank you everyone
  5. I'd love to buy that cab. depending on where you live? price etc. send me a message back at elusivechris@aol.com thank you Chris
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