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  1. My quick honeymoon review: I got my 1500 yesterday. (FYI: they are available from MusiciansFriend) The tones are really nice. I just plugged straight in, no pedals for now. And no FBV3 foot pedal. The presets are the usual 'over the top' patches with lots of EFX to show off. But, when I started to dig in and change the amp models from a simple preset, it really shined. I was actually pleasantly surprised at how good it sounded. (I'm an older guy who's owned just about every classic amp through the years) Great full tone, nice touch feel and guitar volume knob control. And yeah, the amp can get loud, really loud, no issues there at all! Turning down the master still keeps the tone - nice. The spacial effects like stereo delays etc sound really wide and damn cool. The iPad interface app is excellent and works great for building patches. Simple, clean and easy to program. I built, saved patches without even opening up the manual. (Unlike a Kemper which you have to have a flippin' PhD to program) Now, saying it sounds great and is easy to program, I have a few nit-picky things to say. It's very heavy for me. 60+ lbs and it's a physically large and deep cab. So, Line6 if you are listening... - The Mk II version really needs to be a head/cab configuration. Two reasons, easier to carry, and it being so heavy, its a burden to carry back and forth to band practice. I would prefer to leave the cab and take the head unit home to program patches and/or record direct out with. That would be awesome. - If you do that, please use 'off the shelf' cables to connect (XLR, MIDI, Cat5 etc) no proprietary cables you can't get in a hurry if they break on the road. Even 2 normal interconnect type cables would be better than 1 multi-pin proprietary cable. - Put 2 Marshall type handles on the sides of the Speaker cab, one small handle on top is tough to carry as the cab is so heavy. There is my 2.5¢. Again, I really dig the tones a lot and the programming is easy.
  2. Just got my 1500 today, yeah, its damn heavy. Might be going back because of that.
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