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  1. @amsdenj - Already a long-time user of the GR-55 and value it's usability as a pedal.. not sure I'm ready to start carrying a laptop etc on stage.. :-) That said, have been hearing good things about the Jam Origin stuff - will check it out.
  2. @rickthestick - thanks for that, was specifically hunting around for folks who'd tried this before.. I'm a longtime GR-55 user, have the GK-3s in my Strats etc. I've just ordered the 89F and was thinking it would be great to add the GK3... I live in India so I can't even try out the 89f before I buy - it's on order and I've just gotta hope for the best ;-). Not sure if I have the surgical skills to pull off what you did, so I thought I'd just check; if you could cut away the skinny bit of the bridge-pickup mounting ring that's closest to the bridge, would that make just enough room to squeeze the GK-3 in? From looking at the pics you've posted, it looks to me that it just might.. would be great if I could get the actual measurements :-). Also good to hear that it tracks well - on the Strat, for example, the GK3 can be fitted so that it's just pretty close to the saddles (which Roland recommends as ideal for good tracking); and here with the Floyd being mounted the way it is, it looked like there would be a fair distance between the string-saddle point and the GK3. Cheers!
  3. Update - I checked with the local dealer here in Bangalore and he has no qualified technicians who can replace this faulty screen - and getting a replacement could apparently take 'months' (sic). I do know a really good technician who helps maintain all my gear and I'm sure he'll be able to fix this - but that will clearly void my warranty. Line6 - what can you do to help?
  4. I've had the Helix for about 3 months now. Totally happy with all the stuff it can do and it's an integral part of my live/studio rig. I'm near fanatical about how I maintain my gear (still have an all-plastic Boss ME-8 from 1996 that works perfectly) so I'm a bit miffed by this problem I'm seeing with one of the 'Scribble Strip' LCD screens on my Helix - that vertical line of dead, black pixels on the left, with another one developing as well. Anyone else having a similar problem? I live in Bangalore, India and seeing how few distributors/retailers around the country even stock the Helix, I'm understandably very unsure of having it fixed (which would simply mean replacing that screen I assume?). From my experience with old PC LCD screens developing this issue, it's also likely that it 'spreads' - i.e. that particular screen is soon going to be covered with these vertical lines of dead pixels. Line6 - what do you suggest? Bruce
  5. Thanks Michael. Will check that out.. I know the edit parameters on the Cab block do not include a 'placement' control, but would be great to have a Cab available that was modeled with the mic off-axis, then with it on the cone/cap-edge etc.. That would then fit nicely into the existing parameters (with mic distance and so on). E.g. '4X12 Greenback Cone' '4X12 Greenback CapEdge'.. I'm sure the good folks at Line6 already have all these ideas.
  6. Having a really good experience with the Helix thus far. Haven't tried any 3rd-party IRs just yet; one thing I did notice about all the Helix Cabs is that there's no option for Mic placement apart from 'Distance', which according to the manual is simply the 'distance between the mic and the speaker grille'. Even the X3L had an option for off-axis - are we likely to see an update with mic placement options on Helix?
  7. I'm sure all this is possible with Helix, but I couldn't find specific answers anywhere yet: Can you assign one of the Helix footswitches to switch between Paths 1/2 or A/B (not Y splits) while both paths are being used? Can you then use the remaining 'Upper' row switches to switch FX blocks on and off on each Path independently? The Helix manual talks about morphing between A & B but not switching between them and adding effects while both are active. I still use the X3 Live (8 years now!), running two signal chains; Path 1 goes straight into a Vox AC30 (with NO amp/cab/mic) routed through the 1/4" outputs; and Path 2 (with Amp/Cab/Mic) goes straight to FOH through the XLR outputs. The X3 allows me to switch between Paths 1 & 2, and add effects independently (e.g. can run an overdrive on Path 1 into the amp and chorus/delay 'post' on Path 2, into the PA), during performance. Also, I've been using the FX send on the X3 to run a clean guitar signal into my TC Helicon VoiceLive2; the Helix manual says two output assignments per path, so will it be possible to route a clean signal (before any FX blocks) through an FX send to the VoiceLive? I use the Aux input on the X3 to plug in the signal from my GR-55 (from its 'Guitar Out'). My GK3-equipped guitar has 2 cables - one goes to the X3 and the 13-pin GK goes into the GR. The Aux input on the Helix is supposed to be for 'active-pickup' guitars/basses. Will it work well with the signal from the GR55? Thanks Bruce
  8. Thanks for that, scottyo78. Yes, I do like this setup ;). I'm even happy with the modeled tones from the X3L, though I would like to hear the difference that the HD brings. Been looking at dozens of YouTube vids, reading through all the manuals and so on. The HD500x hasn't yet arrived at music stores here in India.. guess I'll wait till I can test drive one. See that you're from Seattle - had a great time there last year on tour - we played the King Cat Theater. Loved the place. Cheerio!
  9. Hello, Here's my current setup with my X3 Live (rough diagram in the Attachment). Signal chain A allows me to use the Comp/OD module, modulation, reverb, delay, and the Comp(Boost), without an Amp Model; this I route through the 1/4 output into the front of a Vox AC30, set just a little bit dirty. Signal chain B goes straight to FOH in full stereo, and can again run the Comp/OD module, FX loop (which feeds my TC Helicon Voicelive so it can hear guitar chords to harmonize with my vocals), Amp + Cab model (A Plexi with 4X12 and SM57 off-axis), modulation, reverb, delay, and the Comp(Boost). Wah (activated by the toe switch) always works on both chains at once Vol runs Post in Signal chain B, but essentially Pre for Signal Chain A, because it's before my amp! A bit of a disadvantage but I've worked with this for years now. I can switch between Chains A and B with the dedicated button available, and switch FX on/off on either. Can also turn off one Chain (long press the dedicated Chain A/B switch) and switch between the two. Cannot, of course, use a Red Comp AND a Tube OD on any chain - only one effect is usable per module and so on. But if you look at this, there can technically be 2 Amp + Cab Models (even though I only use one), 8 FX (2 Comps or ODs, 2 Modulations, 2 Reverbs, 2 Delays) PLUS the Comp/Boost PLUS the FX Loop PLUS the Wah all running SIMULTANEOUSLY! Can the POD HD500X deal with this? From everything I've read on the forums, manuals etc, it looks impossible. Planning an upgrade mainly because the HD models are supposed to be great (and maybe the built-in looper...), but there's no point in getting the HD500X if it can't deal with this setup. It's worked great for me for nearly 5 years now, and the combination of a great tube amp + digital modeling and the ability to run all spatial effects ONLY on the PA while the amp always runs clean or distorted or any other combination makes my band (a trio) sound really big and full. I'm also using a GR-55 for EPs and Organs and horns and - best of all - instant alternate tunings (which are routed from the GR-55 to the AUX input on my X3L). Would be great if somebody from Line6 or another brother gear-geek can help me make an informed decision.. Cheers Bruce
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