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  1. hello there i was trying to stream on twitch for my friends what im doing in fl studio like normally i use ux2 as my main device in fl studio but everytime i use it in fl studio it doesnt give any output to windows insteed it send everything directly to my headphones when i watch videos or speak to my friends the green bar at audio settings from windows outputs jump up but when i use the ux2 in fl studio the green output bar doesnt jump up what should i do ? is it a ux2 failure or is it about fl studio?? i upload 2 pics so you can see what i mean
  2. hello there :) i thought about to ask you guys what my problem could be i use a Line 6 UX2 in FL Studio to get a better latency , today i thought about to stream on twitch for my friends but the problem was as long as i use the UX2 in FL Studio the green bar at audio settings of windows (outputs) didnt move up so that means the sound goes from fl studio directly into my heaphones and dont even cross windows 7 the big "BUT" i use the ux2 as my main soundcard so i watch youtube videos and talk to my friends so when i watch a video and hear the sound with the ux2 but the green bar at windows outputs move up so this means all these stuff except the fl studio sound i can stream and record with camtasia 8 but why is it like that? what can i do? and what should i buy (what kind of interface)? i post 2 pics 1 with ux2 (no output at windows) 1 without ux2 (output at windows)
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