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  1. I know it was a bad explaination, anyway it was a loose tube causing this :)
  2. Hi. Im a new to amps. Had my pod for some time. Ive only had this amp a few days, and today is sounded very low in volume and ugly garbled wavy sound. Found out after awhile that if i turned just a little on the volume knobs(of either amp A if on, or B if on) or the volumeknob on the pod, the sound sounded like it should again, i think. But after next patch change, i had turn touch one of the volume knobs again. What can be the cause of this? Sound going to a mixer from pods trs does not behave like this. It was not like that yesterday. Bjoern
  3. Tried a Latitude E6410 today just to see. No problem at all. Be sure to remove and reinstall the driver, not monkey. Its most likely a driver problem(what sometimes happen if you had plugged the pod in before installing the drivers from line6). Find the pod in device manager and change driver to the one in line6 folder in program files. Bjoern
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