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  1. Guys, My band is wanting to do a few tunes from the 24 Nights CD. I checked that out and EC's tone is incredible on this tour. Bad Love, Pretending, White Room, Badge. Have any of you guys loaded any patches on Customtone that is close to this. My rig is Fender Strat w/Lace Sensors, HD500X to (2) PE60's and from PE60's to board. Thanks,
  2. JMC01

    Robben Ford Tone?

    LOL.......I'll get on a plane and head that way. No charge for changing.....but you by the lightbulb :)) Still can't open recording on cloud from this pc. Will try on my mac when I get home!
  3. JMC01

    Robben Ford Tone?

    Understood, Sir. Jimmy Thackery - Solid Ice from "Live in Detroit" video I have very close to the clean tone. I can't model his distortion tone.
  4. JMC01

    Robben Ford Tone?

    Thanks, Man !! By they way, I really dig your playing, too. I'm using an HD500x so I'm converting your 500 files to the 500x. Could I make a request for a tone?
  5. JMC01

    Robben Ford Tone?

    I can get to your cloud and see everything. Then when I click the play button, it acts like it is going to load and play but will never start actually playing. FYI, I'm not much a computer person, electrician by trade, and that may be the problem!
  6. JMC01

    Robben Ford Tone?

    This post struck my interest as I too am a Robben Ford fan. Nico, I can't get the soundcloud player to load the file. Any advice?
  7. Thanks guys. You've given a lot of insight to this. Silverhead, I just gotta say......anomalies is a cool as %6&% word! Made me think of the movie The Matrix. LOL! Duncann, thanks for the work-around ideas.
  8. Last night I was in HD500x edit working on a couple of patches. I reduced an amp volume in a patch and sved it down to the 500x as usual. When I selected a different patch and then went back to the edited patch, the volume was back up to where it was before the edit. I did this a few more times, same thing. Finally, I did the edit the hit the save button on the pod. That saved it permanently. Any thoughts??
  9. Stereo channels on my board have 1/4 in's. I suppose using a cable with xlr on one end and 1/4 on the other would be ok.
  10. Dang....good idea! Seems like I read about that on a post somewhere at one time. Should still leave the ouput at studio/direct?? That's what I have it set to now and I have those PE60's really singin' the blues! I don't want to change and mess up a good thing.
  11. Hello fellow axe slingers. It's been a while since I have posted. I have a question for the more experienced 500X users. Well, one question and one request for help. 1. The set-up I have is guitar to 500X out to (2) PE60's and to the PA board. I currently run the XLR's out to the PE 60's and 1/4 outs to a stereo channel on the board. Am I doing this backwards? If I run the master volume dimed, the signal to the board from the 1/4 outs is so hot that you barely nudge the volume faders on the board and you are supersonic! switch is set to amp. Output mode is studio/direct. The PE 60's are fine as I find good volume on those at about midawy. 2. I've been playing a lot of blues stuff and I have some awesome patches built around the BF for those. Our band is adding a little more rock type stuff at the request of some of the club owners as well as some of our followers. I'm completely lost on building those type of patches. What are the the best amps to use for those crunchy rythyms and best effects for those types of warm sustaining solos? Also, just for %^%s and giggles, I saw a video of a Jimmy Thackery show where he was using category 5 amps. If we had a modeler that was close to those, I would be in heaven. His tone was super cool in that show. Thanks in advance.
  12. Has anyone used any equipment from Seismic Audio out of Memphis, Tenn.? I'm looking to purchase some powered 12" cabs for stage use. There is a lot of talk about the Tech 21 PE60, but SA has what they call a Magma series of speakers that is supposed to be pretty close to FRFR. I love the way my POD sounds through the FOH speakers but our stage monitors are terrible for my hd500x. Anyone heard anything about SA, good or bad?. Thanks.
  13. I had an HD400 when I got the 500x. I run the 400, as fx only, in the fx loop of the 500x. Endless possibilities and no dsp issues. I have several different "after-amp" effects set up. Works pretty good for me.
  14. JMC01

    2 Podhd's

    Cool! Thanks for the quick response comments.
  15. JMC01

    2 Podhd's

    Guys, This may be an ignorant question, but I was just wondering........... I own the new HD500x and an HD400. Can the HD400 (FX mode only) be run in the FX Loop of the 500x? Not that I need to do that, but was thinking about some experimenting.
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