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  1. *UPDATE* Line 6 followed up with me in regard to the replacement cable for my SonicPort. After receiving the cable the SonicPort worked flawlessly with my iPad. I maintain the iPad with the latest iOS updates. No problems with the updates. After this experience, I handle the SonicPort and cable very delicately. I recommend others do the same. However, the cable issue appears chronic. I have intermittent problems with it. Sometimes it works great, sometimes not so much. I love the SonicPort features and design, and the cable connection is a vast improvement over the Mobile In connection. It's too bad the cable connection to the SonicPort is not a USB connection. Cables would be easier to obtain and replace and make the SonicPort easy to use anywhere, since you'd be able to find a cable quicker than having to go through Line 6. Great design for a potentially awesome product. Just too flimsy and too much trouble to get it back in service. Better cable = reliable & useful product, satisfied customers + great company reputation.
  2. I've had a Line 6 Mobile In and Sonic Port both fail. I replaced the Mobile In unit with a Sonic Port believing the cable connections would be more secure and less prone to damage than the Mobile In connection on my iPad 2. I've done a software restore on my iPad 2 which did not correct this issue. I opened a support ticket with L6 on July 25, 2013. Still waiting for them to correct this problem by sending me new cables. It's been 47 days since I reported this problem... still haven't recieved the fix. This Sonic Port might as well be made of Legos. So glad Line 6 doesn't make cars or medical devices!
  3. Have had same prob on iPad 2. Running current iOS version. Sonic Port stopped working about 30 days after I recieved it. Factory reset/restore also failed. Have a support ticket in with Line 6 since July 25... have not recieved a solution. Check the thread for Sonic Port Not Recognized by Mobile Pod App in forums for discussion on this.
  4. UPDATE: Since my last post dated July 30, 2013 in which I stated I had an open support ticket with Line 6 and they were sending out replacement cables to resolve the Sonic Port not working, I have still not recieved the cables they stated they would send out on Aug 17. I followed up with them at the end of August to find out where those cables were. Their reply was that they didn't have cables to ship out and were expecting some at the beginning of September and would expedite shipping when they had them. I re-opened the support ticket on Sept 8th to inquire on where the status of the cables. No reply form Line 6 as of today. The warranty on this product is 90 days. They have been aware of this problem since I reported it 47 days ago; over half the length of the warranty period, in which no solution has been provided. They have my payment. I have a Line 6 product that does not work. I don't want to tell anyone what to think of Line 6, their products, or customer support, but I think their action (or lack thereof) speaks for itself. Do I believe them that they are actually waiting to recieve Sonic Port cables in order to ship them out to me? Is it reasonable to think that Line 6 doesn't actually have any cables in stock for their own product for over forty days? Am I unreasonable? Please offer some feedback for me here. If anyone has had success with this issue, or feels I have unrealistic expectations, please let me know. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the updates and additional information on this issue. I've heard from Line 6 regarding this problem. They intend to ship out some replacement cables to connect my Sonic Port. I'm hopeful this will work. I would be surprised if the cables have gone bad, especially so soon on a new unit. And, like EDAdam, I've not even had it out of the house. No abuse and is handled with care in a clean area. I'll keep everyone informed on how this matter is resolved.
  6. I'm running the latest version of iOS (version 6.1.3) on my iPad 2 and have the latest update of Line 6 Mobile POD (version 1.5.0, Audiobus compatible). Recently I've found that that the Mobile Pod app does not recognize my Sonic Port device, even when it is properly connected. I've followed the Sonic Port FAQ page suggestions and attempted resetting my iPad to factory settings and then restoring it to a previously saved restore point. I've made several attempts and used several previously saved restore points to get the app to work with the Sonic Port again, but all attempts have failed. I was able to be successful only once, about a month ago when I first got the Sonic Port. Now, the thing is worthless. Unfortunate because the tones in Mobile POD are really good. But, if you can't use them, no one cares. Not sure how much effort Line 6 put into development of these products, but as I said, who cares now? If anyone has a solution to this, please advise. And then I'd suggest selling your advice to Line 6!
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