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  1. Here are some videos I found useful from a guy named Chad Huskey. Unlike the stuff above these aren't trying to discuss a range of possibilities, but are focused making the specific guitar sounds that Chad wants. But what's really useful is he explains his thought & decision making process - so you get to see his entire approach. This first one is really a video on how to use Workbench HD, but over the course of it he drops lots of bits of how & why about the mods themselves. These next two videos cover custom banks he's built for ''semis' and 'strats' and he has kindly included links so we can download these banks. Semi Strat
  2. Thanks for the referral. Scanning through their manual I'm not finding anything that addresses my questions. Can you point out what I should be looking at?
  3. Two-ish questions First, what I want to do but suspect isn't possible. Is there anyway to use MIDI cc to control the Helix's Knob's values. The manual shows global cc assignments for expression pedals, footswitches, and Looper controls - but not for the knobs. I'd like to be able to use some knobs on a nanoKontrol instead of on the Helix itself because the nano is near my hands while the Helix knobs are closer to my feet. Assuming the above is impossible I'd like to assign a cc to control a specific parameter on every preset in a setlist, for example setting cc80 to "Drive" on each preset. I know how to assign the cc on an individual preset but would prefer not to repeat the same task over and over and over and over and... ...and then start again for cc81 and cc82 and...
  4. Fully endorse this comment. A better audio interface is well worth stretching your budget for. I use the S/PDIF output to connect my Helix to my RME400 interface, which works great. But I also base all my Helix presets on a template that includes a few basic effects (just so something is there from the start) but more importantly a couple of routing blocks. In the attached you can see that the first block is a Send that goes to Output 3 on the Helix (yes into analog until it hits the RME) and its purpose is for sending a DI signal to my DAW. Right below it, between the main effects and the amp is another Send block which goes to Output 4. This one is to send the signal after the effects to a physical amp in my studio - which lets me use Helix effects with any amp. One cool thing with this setup if you have a Variax is to use it for double tracking. I can send the modeled guitar through the Helix like normal but route the Variax's magnetic pickups to the DI. Since the modeled and mag signals are totally independent of each other this more closely resembles two different performances.
  5. Thanks for the tip. Just played with it a bit and it does have more of an impact than I'd anticipated. I'll need to spend some time exploring how it works.
  6. Totally appreciate and endorse the 'use your ears' advice. I spent some quality time with google & Jack Daniels and came across a few resources like I'm looking for that that seem useful. If folks know of similar stuff please post it. This has a good overview of the various "flavors" of pickups along with info on placement and wiring This site gets more granular about different pickups I haven't explored this site beyond a very quick look. Seems like it could be either really useful or totally bogus
  7. Thanks for the reply. My initial post apparently was kinda ambiguous. I don't want to do anything to the physical guitar. I just want to explore making changes using Workbench HD to the modeled guitars but am overwhelmed because there are a large number of different possibilities and I'm ignorant about 99.99% of them. As an example there are 30+ pickup choices each with options for position, angle, level, wiring & polarity. Multiply that by all the other settings that can be changed and it gets hard to sort through. So I'm looking for resources that can help me get my head around all the various possibilities and provide advice on what changes have what effect.
  8. While I've had my Variax for many years, my use of Workbench HD has generally been for minor stuff like making a 12-string version of an existing model or setting up Nashville Tuning. Now (mostly stuck at home) I'd like to explore more ambitious mods but am pretty ignorant about making changes to guitar electronics, either real world or modeled. Can anyone recommend any good resources (book, video, websites, whatever) to get a better understanding of what is even possible, much less wise? I spent about an hour googling but the results were swamped with listings of places that perform guitar mods, but very little about any potential mods themselves. Thanks for any advice EDIT: Just to clarify: This is not about physically modifying the guitar. I'm only looking to change things using Workbench HD
  9. Brand new Helix owner here. Initially I had a distortion that might be similar to yours (hard to hear on current PC). It happened on everything but could get masked by heavier tones. One characteristic is that the distorted sound was always at the same pitch. Playing different notes did not cause the distortion to vary pitch like normal distortion does. Turned out that I'm using the digital out to connect to my audio interface and the sample rates were set differently between the two. Once I fixed that the Helix sounds super clear.
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