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  1. BOFat66Tony

    POD HD 500, MAC OSX 10.11 EL CAPITAN

    If you need to be recording, then my advice would be to go with something like a Focusrite interface, they don't need drivers installed, if you're using Macs, they use Core Audio. You will still be able to use any Line 6 plug-ins.
  2. BOFat66Tony

    POD HD 500, MAC OSX 10.11 EL CAPITAN

    kmsh: Since my post, I have ran my guitar through a Focusrite input to Logic, and all my Line 6 plug-ins work perfectly in El Capitan! Obviously your UX1 driver seems to be the exception regarding Line 6 drivers. As for me, I'm a convert to Focusrite input devices, they don't require any drivers at all.
  3. BOFat66Tony

    POD HD 500, MAC OSX 10.11 EL CAPITAN

    Hello both, Yes, hopefully the update won't be long in coming, I am not able to update my system with El Capitan until Pod Farm 2 is updated. As it is, the Line 6 plugins are the only ones in my Logic Pro X installation that are not working, I have a number of plugins, mostly from PSP Audioware and am having no problems whatsoever with them! To sloe_gin, I have been using Line 6 software and hardware for a number of years now, and have to say that Line 6 are normally quite quickly off the mark when new Mac operating systems are released.