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  1. If you need to be recording, then my advice would be to go with something like a Focusrite interface, they don't need drivers installed, if you're using Macs, they use Core Audio. You will still be able to use any Line 6 plug-ins.
  2. kmsh: Since my post, I have ran my guitar through a Focusrite input to Logic, and all my Line 6 plug-ins work perfectly in El Capitan! Obviously your UX1 driver seems to be the exception regarding Line 6 drivers. As for me, I'm a convert to Focusrite input devices, they don't require any drivers at all.
  3. Hello both, Yes, hopefully the update won't be long in coming, I am not able to update my system with El Capitan until Pod Farm 2 is updated. As it is, the Line 6 plugins are the only ones in my Logic Pro X installation that are not working, I have a number of plugins, mostly from PSP Audioware and am having no problems whatsoever with them! To sloe_gin, I have been using Line 6 software and hardware for a number of years now, and have to say that Line 6 are normally quite quickly off the mark when new Mac operating systems are released.
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