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  1. Yes, I have been in that menu and I believe I chose stereo 7/8. The answer has to be the correct combo in that menu lined up with the actual recording/mixer ins and outs selections. Thanks I think I am on the right track (no pun intended)
  2. Was wondering if anyone has experience with this? I have tried briefly twice but I seem to have trouble with selecting the outputs in Ableton. I am looking to tweak presets on the fly like Ola and Keith Merrow on Youtube do while the same riff is playing over and over. Is this possible or can you only re-record with the clean track? I am using the USB 7/8 on Helix and I think I have the Hardware portion set up, but I only hear the clean tone playback and no changes take effect. Maybe a screenshot of the ins/outs would help if anyone has this set up. I've been digging the Helix for a few months, but I want to get serious about custom presets. Thanks.
  3. I thought of the band Finntroll when I saw that.....polka death metal is the best description of them.
  4. Virtualdeth

    best I.R'S

    As someone else mentioned, 3Sigma Audio I.R.s are sounding pretty good right out of the box. I use them for modern metal, chug, djent sounds and I was immediately impressed with the 6 pack i bought. Diezel, Mesa OS, Engl being my faves. Minor tweaking here and there. Thats not to say I couldnt make the stock cabs sound great, just took more time to really tweak them. Theres a discount on 3Sigmas site if you buy 6, and I thought it was absolutely worth my money.
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