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  1. Thanks pianoguyy, You are quite right - my bad.
  2. Rather late to this, but the band I'm in has 2 guitarists and we both use PODs going straight to main mix (no backline amps). Main mix also has vocals. The drums are acoustic (and loud) and the bass player has an on-stage amp. None of the drums or the bass are in the PA. We used to have foldback speakers, which were heavy. Our drummer got himself a B205D which he was happy with, and so the other guitarist and I got one each too. Now we don't have foldback speakers. Given that the B205Ds are on mic stands they can be very close and so give a good 'in your face' volume even against the most valiant thrashings of our drummer and matching bass. We haven't had any feedback issues with them, even though they are close to the vocal mics (placement of the B205D that takes into account the mic's cardioid pattern probably helps). We put the same mix into the foldback as the FOH is getting. We don't have a sound guy (and neither do the venues we play), and having the FOH mix coming into our faces lets us balance our guitar and vocal volumes on the fly. If the drummer gets louder (as he does) and the bass goes up to match it we can adjust our individual B205D volume without affecting the FOH balance. We're very happy with the way it's working so far.
  3. The input sensitivity (I presume you are referring to the 2 mixer input gains) is at about 9 o'clock (ie, hardly on). That's with the pad engaged. Maybe I have a spectacularly high line output on my POD HD300?
  4. I'm a bit concerned about possibly overloading/driving the inputs on my L2t. The manual says the LEDs (variously located) turn green when a signal is present or flash red when clipping or limiting is occurring. Unless I have the output on my instruments or POD HD300 set very low indeed, my LEDs show amber. Amber is not mentioned anywhere in the manual so I have no idea if this is good, bad or indifferent. It's the same if I use the RCA style line in with an external sound source (mp3 player for example) - the LED is amber. I'm guessing amber is okay because the L2t would be a very quiet unit indeed if all the inputs stayed green. Presumably red means turn down the input! Any advice? Cheers David
  5. Well, the answer is sorted now. I asked the Line 6 people directly. The POD HD300 won't talk to the L2t via the L6 link, and neither will the HD400. Well, at least I know it's not broken! XLR or Line out is the way to go.
  6. Thanks. Based on what you've said I suspect the POD. The L2t was demoed to me in the shop and as part of that its L6 link was used to connect it to an L3 sub, which worked fine.
  7. Thanks. Is there something I need to turn on in the POD HD300 to make it send a signal via the L6 link to the L2t? Like I said, I get a signal if I go standard XLR out to XLR in, or line out to line in, but nothing at all when going L6 link to L6 link.
  8. Thanks for that. I'd never heard of those cables so I looked them up. It seems that using a standard mic (XLR) cable instead can introduce some degradation of the signal due to impedance issues. However, I'm not getting anything at all, degraded or otherwise. That made me wonder if the L6 link on the HD300 wasn't compatible with the L2t. The instruction examples with the L2t only mention plugging in an HD500X vial the L6 link, not the other L6 link enabled PODs. Are they different in some way?
  9. Any suggestions on the best way to connect a POD HD300 to the StageSource L2t? I tried using the L6 link from the POD to the L2t but didn't get a peep out of it - does that mean they won't talk to each other that way? Unless I'm doing it wrong I guess that means either the XLR or line out from the POD to the L2t?
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