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  1. I downgraded to Yosemite 10.10.5 Using drivers 7.3.8 Monkey 1.73 POD farm 2.59 It still wouldn't work with the 7.6.4 drivers My iMac does not give choice to go to El Capitan only straight to sierra. So I'm staying with what I have because it's working.
  2. Same thing here! I thought maybe by upgrading to sierra since the driver specifically say sierra that that would do it. Nope. I can run my guitar through it and it works going straight into POD farm, but that's it. The mic and keys will do nothing in Logic Pro. Monkey sees it, says everything is up to date. But it does not work. I love this controller because of guitar,mic and keys all in one package. But I guess I have to buy something else.
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