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  1. Thanks for responding. No I don't think so. Sample rate is and has always been set to 44.1kHz, IO buffer size set to 128 samples, with 24bit recording checked within Logic, and 44.1Khz sample rate at the interface system preferences. As I use third party plugins for my guitar sounds (Toontrack - sorry Line 6), I don't really use the stand-alone POD Farm app as a plugin within Logic. But is there a part of POD Farm, a driver or some way to control input gain? The fader of the channel strip I'm recording to within Logic has zero effect on the input signal, and both knobs on the UX1 interface only affect the mic gain on the left (never used it) and output to my headphones for monitoring on the right. The thing that frustrates me the most is that even though there's never been a physical input gain knob on the unit, this has never been a problem until now..... perplexed as to what went wrong. I've gone through the Line 6 website's downloads section, multiple goes of the Line 6 Monkey but to no avail. I've never had an input signal clip as badly as I'm experiencing at the moment, so is there a form of gain staging I'm not aware of? Once again, any input (pardon the pun) would be appreciated. Cheers
  2. Hi Guys, Wondering if anyone can help. I'm currently using a (mid 2010) 27" iMac (running Mac OS High Sierra 10.3.6) with my guitars going through a UX1, to write and record tracks through Logic Pro X (10.4.7). I use Toontrack products (EzDrummer 2 through a MIDI controller for my drums and EzMix for VSTs to colour my guitar di tracks. I was running El Capitan which was working fine for ages..... then. Tracks are being recorded way too hot, even though I have reduced the output gain on my UX1 and on the track's channel strip that I'm recording to. The resulting wave form clips top and bottom and is way hotter than it's ever been. This happens when I record guitars or bass, so I know it's not the instruments. So I tried updating the driver for my interface, then cables, changed the battery in my guitar as I use active pickups, updated my operating system to first Sierra, but then had to upgrade again to High Sierra to get the update for Logic Pro X to what version it is now. Still no resolution to my recording problems. Is it just a case that my system / computer / interface just getting too old? Have other UX1 had similar issue? Or (more importantly) has anyone found a fix or a workaround. Any help, suggestions or an answer solution would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  3. Hi Guys, Hoping anyone can help. I've been using the Line 6 UX1 for years to write and record my own guitar music. Firstly started with Garageband (humble beginings - and yes I'm a Mac musician - using an iMac running OS El Capitan version 10.11.6) and recently upgraded to Logic Pro X (version 10.3.3). My setup has been working fine for a few months writing, recording and mixing a few songs, but all of the sudden 3/4 through a project, my DAW now refuses to register a signal from my guitar, with absolutely nothing showing in the level meter. I've checked my connections, replaced the battery in my guitar (I run live pickups), replaced my guitar cable, checked for and upgraded both Line 6 drivers and DAW software updates). I've checked my preferences in Logic and preferences on my Mac to make sure my input was UX1 and also made sure I had the right track/ strip highlighted when playing and attempting to record - all to no avail. My UX1 also shows a green light, so I know it's registered and connected with a working power source - yes I've tried to think of everything. I'm growing extremely frustrated and hoping in my current fluster that I'm ignoring something basic that's right in from of me..... (fingers crossed). If anyone can help or has been going through the same (just to confirm I'm not going insane), that would be awesome. Cheers in advance Guys,
  4. So do I need to de-authorise everything on my existing machine beforehand, so Line 6 doesn't think I'm running the POD on 2 machines? Sorry for the dumb questions, but I've recently had a nightmare moving my design software around due to it all being Cloud based, and I was afraid that my Line 6 stuff was going to deliver more heartache.
  5. Hi Guys, I've been using a POD UX1 for a few years through an old Mac Pro, and have recently decided (due to its age), that my computer needs to be upgraded. How do I go about changing the authorisation of my UX1 device (as well as some software add-ons) to my new computer?
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