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  1. Sorry for the late reply back, yes that worked, it's all good. Thank you for your help on this one.
  2. I'm using a JTV59 guitar, POD HD500 and have all the latest patches / firmware etc. I use the POD HD500 Edit software and the Workbench HD software to setup my patches and models. I think I've just been looking at this too long and can't see the forest for the trees and it probably has an easy solution, so here it is. I move a preset patch to a user location using the POD HD500 edit software. Then I tweek the patch to my liking and set the volume to match the other patches in that bank. I save that patch by sending the selected patch to the HD500 in the location that I created and tweeked it. The volume level is correct after my save until I recall it from the HD500. When I double click it in the HD500 Edit software it gets louder which is my prefered volume level, but when I choose the patch from the HD500 pedal it is not as loud. Any ideas on this?
  3. Does anyone have the problem of the Variax Workbench software not displaying the current guitar model of any given preset? I am running win7 pro 64 bit on a year old ASUS laptop, all my software, firmware and drivers are the latest and greatest. The software shows that I am connected. I have Variax Workbench and HD500 Edit software open at the same time. My JTV59 is connected to the HD500 via the VDI cable supplied with the guitar and the HD500 is connected to the laptop via USB cable. When I switch presets on the HD500 shouldn't I see the current guitar model in Variax Workbench? I do see the guitar model change in the HD500 Edit software in the MODEL field of the MIXER tab when I switch presets with the HD500, but not in Variax workbench. If I switch presets on the guitar shouldn't it display in both Variax Workbench and HD500 Edit. I have tried the following: 1. Reloading the software 2. Reloading the firmware and drivers on the HD500 3. Closing HD500 edit software and only running Workbench 4. Swapping out my USB cable 5. Using a different computer I appreciate any input on this, I do think this is an awesome setup despite this small glitch. I'd like to try a different HD500 to rule it out, but the local music stores have sold out of them and now have the HD500X.
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