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  1. Sorry to hear Shawn I Get a very nice variety of different candies!!
  2. Hi Everyone thanks for all your help just got the helix and loving it!
  3. Hey Shawn I hear you. The reason I stayed away from AF 2 is because it seems that the only viable way to get support is through email. And I had bad experiences with email support because you keep going back and forth instead of a quick back and forth conversation and this is all new to me. Before I finally decided to buy the helix I contacted line 6 and they were great I know the tone may not be as good as the AF2. But as you mentioned hopefully helix will be there in a few years Thanks for your comments
  4. Dear Glideman, Thank you for your response. You have added to my excitement of getting the helix. I have been so worried and concerned about making the correct choice because I have been disappointed before and the unit is not cheap and so I am "gun-shy". But the overall consensus is that the helix is most wonderful. I looked at tons of videos on how to use it and what you can do with it is absolutely amazing. The flexibility is second to none, in my opinion. I also looked that the boss GT 1000 and the UI is nothing like the Helix as well as its flexibility. I will be playing it through a Fender Hot Rod Deville IV. Thanks so.....
  5. Hi Everyone thanks for taking the time to respond. I took the plunge and bought the Helix,! Should arrive on Thursday. I am super excited. Cant wait to start working with it
  6. Sounds Great!! Do you know if Sweet Water answers operation questions (if you can't seem to find out how to do it though You-Tube or a forum like this). (I know they have a technical support department, but, I don't think an operation questions would be considered Tech support) Thanks so.....
  7. Thank you so much for your great responses, I truly appreciate it. Overall, it seems that the "helix" is worth the investment. So, I decided to buy a helix shortly, and I will try to find a store with a good return policy. Does anyone know of a non-grief return store? As one response mentioned, don't see your current gear until you know that u are happy with the helix. Some one mentioned that the support from line 6 is great, I hope so. I have been looking at some videos. There is one I really Like: "Idiots" guide Helix, however, I I could only find 3 of this videos, and then there were supposedly more but I cannot seem to find them. His name was Jeremy Varao, I watched this first 4 videos but he said that later on in the later series, he would talk about parallel chains, snapshots, etc, but I didn't see those. Has anybody seen these video series and where the other ones would be. Thank you,
  8. Hi Everyone, I am very interested in buying the helix. There seems to be a lot of hype about it. The reason why I am posting this question is because I have been disappointed time and time again on multi-effects pedal for their sound quality. They just don't sound real-organic. However, there are many advantages to owning a multiple effects pedal, but the advantages don't necessarily outweigh their sound. So, if possible, can members or some members of the line 6 forum give me some feed back as to how "authentic" the sounds are and sell my pedals and replace them with the helix. Also, the pedal seems sophisticated, is it difficult to get operational support if needed? Thanks so much in advance,
  9. Hi everyone, I just bought a Firehawk, and so far I am pretty pleased with it. I have a couple of questions: (thanks in advance) 1) I want to connect my ipad to the usb port in the back of the firehawk, but I don't know what type of usb port that is so I can buy it on line. It has this "funny" type shape. 2) I am plugging the output to an amp, does it matter what type of guitar cable I use (balance, unbalanced, etc) Same with the cable going to my student montiors (I am using a three prong cable for that.. not sure what the of the cable is...I am knew to all this) Thank you, Lguitarjsm
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