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  1. I got my POD Go on saturday and I have to say it's great. Even most of the factory presets sounds very good. I hear no difference with my HX Stomp. About DSP limits, I founds some gray effects, while I was transferring manually my HX Stomp settings in POD Go. By choosing another about similar effect it was solved. But, It would be nice if some future version would offer mono versions of effects and we'll have more freedom when choosing effects. Without saying that it might also help to free up the static EQ -block for other effects giving little a bit more flexibility. Version 2.0? Is it easy to do, is another matter that only line6 engineers have knowledge of. As someone in earlier post says: "Enjoy your POD Go. I know you will."
  2. @phil_m and @cristt: thank you for comments. I'm referring HX Stomp DSP allocations. Here is unofficial table of HX Stomp made by 'benvesco': While using HX Stomp these measurements seem to be quite right. http://benvesco.com/store/helix-dsp-allocations/ And if models are about the same in Pod Go and HX Stomp (and in other Helix), mono versions already exist of most of effects. Another matter would be if actual memory in Pod Go is big enough to include both mono and stereo versions. Is this the reason why there are no mono version? I understand that original purpose was to make a modeller that is easy to use (like original PODs), and that is what they have done. But would selection of mono/stereo complicate use of Pod Go too much. @Cristt: thank for the notion about summing the signal. Thats the way to do this but still I'm after the use of less DSP :)
  3. Getting my new POD Go withing days. I've been studying this DSP issue and I have a question. In manual it says (page 17): " EQ,Modulation,Delay,Reverb,and Filter effects are all stereo" Is it really so? It would be a simple way to save DPS by using mono version of effect. And most of the time mono is enough, especially in live situations (for me at least). I'm a HX Stomp owner and there are mono versions of effects and those are what I mostly use (and save DSP). I understand that some effect are stereo in nature but most common reverbs, delays, eq and modulations are not. Addition: if we can save DSP with mono versions, it would be nice to have static EQ -block as free block in future firmware updates. Then we'll have 5 free blocks. Addition 2 (maybe too much): it would be nice if these 'free' effect blocks can use also IR's (not just effect and looper). Does anyone know if there is a discussion topic where one can put wishing list for future firmware updates? PS. why I bought POD Go is because it is more live friendly than HX Stomp (which I like very much) and for example Helix LT is too expensive and big for my needs.
  4. Phil, thank you for the clarification. I was hoping to get rid of all extra gear and use this also as a command center. Because otherwise this HX Stomp is a dream to come true. Does anyone has an educated guess, if firmware update could 'fix' stomp so, that one can also use it as a midi command center? Is anyone else interested in this function?
  5. Hi, Question about MIDI functions. I tried to study manual but I could not it figure. Can I assign MIDI PC command or CC commads to a footswitch so that I can send them throuh MIDI OUT to Bluguitar AMP-1 ? And if so, how to do it? And if so, is there a problem that there are some reserved MIDI CC messages, that are same with Bluguitar AMP-1 (e.g. CC 50 or CC 60)? Thanks.
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