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  1. ferreaf

    POD HD update?

    can owners of POD HD400 get the update and buy the bundles?
  2. ferreaf

    POD HD update?

    does this mean that POD HD400 cannot get the update and buy the bundles? stuck forever with the existing firmware?
  3. I have a HD400, and I use it as a pre for my old Rocktron Velocity power amp plugged into a 1x12" Marshall cabinet (although I wish I had a 2x12" or a 4x12"): this doesnt change my pre sounds with extra tweaking or, even worse, gain, and gives me a warm natural sound. I have connected my HD400 to combos, but they all change my sound: I like my clean, crunch and hi-gain tones from the POD and I think just connecting it to a good (guitar) power amp is the best solution.
  4. ferreaf

    Wha Wha

    I have a problem with the onboard Wha of my HD400. The pedal ranges not from 0% to 100%, but much less, even if I calibrate it (when I use it as volume it's fine). How can I get a wider range????
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