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  1. Hi friends, I've tried everything, I've read lots of messages in theses forums during days and I've done all the "what to do" things I've found. But the mic lines of my P.studio KB37 still not working. Iv'e installed all new drivers and stuff, all the newest and latest versions. I tried everything and inspected lots of times my Garageband preferences but...there was no luck... The only thing I can't install is GEARBOX (but I don't know if it is imprescindible...) Cause the installing process says to me I can't install it in my HD (please see the two screen captures). My system is OSX EL Capitan 1.11.4, and theorically, there's no problems with this version and the new line 6 drivers now... But I still can not using my microphone... I'm a little desperated because I can't record the voices for my projects. It's so annoying to have the sources and all what you need but can't doing it due to this kind of software fails... Some people said to me to purchase an external prev. for voice recording, but I think is so silly to expend money having this helpfull PODstudio which has two mic inputs yet...I think it has to be fixed... Is someone here with the same problem? Could someone, please, help me? I need a solution as fast as possible Thanks a lot!!
  2. I don't have any condenser but I have a similar problem. The two mic lines of my kb37 doesn't work. Could someone give us a solution, please?
  3. Hi! What If I have El Capitan 10.11.4? I think to install the beta version of 10.11.1 could be messi. The problem I have with my KB37 is only with the mic input. I can use all but the mic. It doesn't work, no signal, no record. What is the best process for my issue? I need a solution as fast as possible, cause I have to record voices for my last shortfilm.
  4. And...there's no easier solution? This is my first Mac, I have OS X El Capitan, no older files or backups...I just want to record my voice!!! please!! All other features work well in garage band. Synths, guitars....But the mic doesn't work. I was reading about how to fix it and all the solutions given me to install gear box. Okay. I download it but...when I'm going to install it in my HDD...it says me that I can't install gearbox in this HDD....So I'm really f***d :(
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