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  1. Hi anyone know how to get hold of the stomp factory presets? Thanks Ronny
  2. Hi i have an open ticket with this but thought it may be quicker here When editing my HX stomp with the editor my unit drops out i.e i loose all output when i change between patches in the editor occasionally but very repeatable and i need to power off/ on to get it back. Very annoying in the creation process. Ive just done a factory reset and got the same so restored from a backup and it was still off until i power down /on. I'm on a mac with Sierra. Any help would be great thanks Ronny.
  3. Ive just tried to part ex my great condition 2013 JTV 59 in a shop in UK, they offered me £500 :( Needless to say i turned it down.
  4. Done that, they want me to send the whole guit on a 2 month round trip to Londineum, after what I've been through their not getting it again. Have been in touch with Lr braggs which is a 4 day wait between emails still waiting. cheers
  5. been there done that, they didn't point me in the right direction, i just thought i would ask the people who know. cheers
  6. Anyone know if there are any replacement saddles available in the UK. Thanks.
  7. Yeh i recorded the pluck of the string through a mic an inch away and also direct from1/4" jack. Was just doing some latency tests on some other gear and thought i would do the JTV. when daisy chaining with other digital gear it builds up in each one. Anyone know the latency on the wireless G30 system?
  8. Th acoustic models have never seemed right to play, for me anyway. And i think i've found out why, there is a difference in latency between the electrics and the acoustics. The electrics have around 3ms and the acoustics have about 8ms. I know latency doesn't bother some people, but i hate it..unfortunately, and my rig uses a few digital units so it all adds up. Just saying like. (none of this may be true)
  9. Sorry yes i think ive got it, slit the amps turn them off you insert an effect and drag after the amp and mixer moves ahead. Cheers i think ive got it Thanks again for your time much appretiated
  10. Ability to print an EQ on the acoustic models in workbench so when you use them with different systems you have a good start point as the one printed at the moment is awful, Bassy, unbalanced, clanky, brittle etc.
  11. Thanks Phil I have it set up that way but Cant seem to sus this out, it seems possible if your using an amp block i think but I'm trying to warm up the acoustic so i dont want an amp involved. Thank
  12. hi there . my setup is JTV / HD500 / L2T i Want to blend the mags with the acoustic model as i personally think they are dreadful (the acoustic models) , clanky and harsh, lifeless, rant over, The mags warm them up a bit, is there a way of eqing say just path A in the mixer to eq the acoustic only, is it possible? Cheers folks.
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