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  1. Just curious to see if it is still available out there? I know Sweetwater.com lists a USA model, but I don’t see any other sites that do.
  2. I have the 69s and I am thinking about replacing the tremolo back cover with a new one. Do I need to look for a certain type to match up to my Variax?
  3. My cap for my guitar model selector keeps coming off. Any good way to keep it on that anyone has tried.
  4. Quick question about what type of neck shape it is?
  5. Sweetwater has a 69s with a serial number that starts out W16. So I am assuming that it was built this year if the serial number means 2016.
  6. Good point on the sounds. I think the average person couldn't tell the difference between certain model guitars. Let alone name each type that the Variax plays.
  7. So being new to the forum and buying my 69S about a month ago, I was curious why everyone bought a JTV. I'll tell you my reason. About 4 years ago I started playing guitar and I was lefty. I was single and I had bought a Telecaster, American Stratocaster, a acoustic and a Kurt Cobain Jaguar. Well during that time I also got engaged and move in with my future wife. I wasn't really playing anymore and we needed the money so I sold all my guitars. Since that time I always had that urge to start playing again. Three months ago I was able to talk my wife into getting me a 100 dollar no name Strat. Since I was starting over I decided to start playing right handed. The guitar wasn't horrible to play, but it had its issues. So I started looking at guitars and found the 69S. I was able to talk my wife into purchasing it by telling her that I would have all these guitars on one guitar. She was worried that since I started playing again I would "go crazy" and start buying a bunch of guitars again. So that is my reason with going with this guitar and I've really enjoyed it so far.
  8. The closest authorized service center to me is 4 hours away. I got mine from Sweetwater and it wasn't set up too bad out of the box. I just get some fret buzz from the 6th string. I tried raising the saddle for the string but it doesn't seem to help much.
  9. Has anyone ever used Slinky cobalt 10s on a 69s? I just got my guitar a month ago so I'm still using the factory strings. But I've always liked the cobalts.
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