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  1. Hi Many thanks - needed to download Line 6 updates and load most recent power cab firmware 2.0 - Now working and can change speakers from HX edit
  2. Hi I have a helix LT running latest software 2.92 and connected via a Klotz AES cable to the line 6 link on my powercab 112 plus - the sound is fine but I cannot change the the speaker models on the power cab in HX edit. The name changes but nothing changes in the sound. If I walk over to the pwoercab and change it manually then there is a clear change in the sounds between presets. I really want to be able to change powercab speakers through my helix presets but am struggling - any ideas out there? Many thanks for any advice
  3. Hi I am having the same issues - tried to load Fremen presets and now have a similar list which has random characters on it and cannot be overwritten Do I need a factory reset? Richard
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