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  1. I was at a rehearsal and forgot my HX Effects DC-3 wall wart. I had my old M9's PX-2g power supply with me, and used that instead. The HX Effects turned on and seemed to be functioning normally for a few minutes, but then it started resetting every ~10 seconds when I used the expression pedal. About 10 years ago, my M9 crapped out on me because of power supply issues, and I just want to be sure I didn't do irreparable damage to my HX Effects. Thanks!
  2. YES +1 ON WANTING AN HX-SIZED HELIX. Ignore the L6 apologist fanboys on here. I would 100% buy an HX-sized Helix with amp modeling. The HX Stomp is great, no doubt about it, but I want ~6 footswitches, not 3, and not 12 or whatever.
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