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  1. I get this after launching helix in my DAW. Any ideas? :( Fresh install of helix native. 2017 Macbook Pro i7, 16gb Ram 1TB hd Catalina 10.15.6 DAW - Cubase 10.5 Elements 64bit I tried to add a screenshot - but the line6 forums don't work. Allow me to describe. It says "Hello Andrew" and just has the Helix Logo...
  2. Hi all, I upgraded to Helix Native some time ago from Pod Farm. I must say there is a lot more to it than Pod Farm (except for the tuner!). I am having HEAPS of trouble doing something, that i could do with ease with Pod Farm.. Here's the situation: Record Rhythm guitars. Panned Hard left and Hard right respectively. Send them to a Stereo bus that has Helix as an insert. Setup a stereo patch, Left input goes to Amp head A, and Right input goes to Amp head B. Seems pretty simple/straight forward. BUT i can not, for the life of me, figure out how to prevent Helix bouncing both L & R to centre. For example. If i mute my RIGHT guitars and send only my LEFT guitars to the bus, I should only hear the LEFT guitar coming out of Helix. But i can hear that my LEFT guitar tracks are going through both my L & R speakers. And also, through both L&R Amp heads in helix. Is helix not really stereo? how do i achieve this? For the love of god, someone please help!
  3. Hi there. Having some issues of helix plugin reporting as "missing", when I create a session, and share with a band mate for collaboration. Both of us are using OS Sierra, Cubase 9, Helix native 1.01. Symptoms present like this. I'll create a session do some stuff. Share via dropbox. Bandmate opens the session file, says that Helix is Missing. But can add it as a plugin himself. Although i've experienced this issue, it happens mostly on his machine. (maybe because i mostly create new session files.) Does it have something to do with the instances of Helix being different? Because, all of the other plugins we use work as expected. (Superior drummer, ezmix etc).
  4. I've had this issue too. There are too many options for it's own good. I'd have Helix sitting on a guitar bus track, and route my hard panned L & R tracks to it. Pod farm does this with ease, but Helix picks up the hard panned signals, and centers them. So i have my hard panned L&R tracks centered. I found the culprit was in the effects chain. There are multiple types of the same pedals. You need to make sure that you use MONO effects in your chain, otherwise you get this issue.
  5. I'm finding this too. I am a pod farm user from way back. I found it FAR easier to dial in a gnarly tone on pod farm than Helix. Granted helix has far more options etc, but it shouldn't be so hard to build a solid tone. I can't go back to podfarm, as I've upgraded to cubase 9, and it's exclusively 64 bit. I'm finding that I'll spend hours on a tone, think it's "okay" then come back to the session only to hate it. it sounds "pale, scratchy, thin". Sure, it stands out in a mix, but it stands out for all of the wrong reasons. I solely use USA PRS guitars (endorsement), and i'm not going to meddle around changing pickups. The pickups are fine. I've tried Helix Native with at least 7 different guitars with the same outcome. I've found that the only way to get a semi-decent tone quickly is to couple helix with ezmix by toontrack. Honestly, i wish they'd just make a 64bit Pod Farm. :(
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