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  1. Awesome! Glad to hear that it worked for ya. Somebody on YouTube said that they loaded the preset and it locked up their Helix and needed a factory reset. I'm curious if that's a firmware issue, a problem brought about by not having the IR loaded first, or just a bug. Needless to say I'm encouraging people to back up all their presets before installing Custom Presets just to be safe. Either way, thanks for the share!
  2. My mistake. This should work https://www.dropbox.com/s/bohy978jakum2pr/Chugalo%20IR.hlx?dl=0 I'll check CustomTone out and def share the patch. Thanks! EDIT: Just added it to Line 6 CustomTone. http://line6.com/customtone/tone/1345987/
  3. I tried my best to get a Line 6 Helix - Metal video up as soon as possible so people can know what to expect and how it performs in a studio setting. Here's what I came up with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVRS-Z9Eb34 I used the stock noise gate, screamer 808 and ANGL Meteor with a downloaded Impulse Response (Engl Special Edition) from here (http://www.freemusiciansresource.com/VST-detail/huge-collection-of-metal-cabinet-impulses/) (follow the relink in the article comments). I used an LTD Vampire Biotech M guitar with an EMG 81 bridge pickup Settings are: Noise Gate: Threshold -30db, Decay 188ms, Level 0.0db Screamer 808: Gain 2.6, Tone 0.0, Level 6.7 Amp: Drive 9.1, Bass 4.8, Mid 7.1, Treble 5.2. Presence 6.3, Ch Vol 8.7, Master 5.1, Sag 3.2, Hum 5.0, Ripple 7.9, Bias 7.7, Bias X 6.0, Mid Boost Off IR: Low Cut off, High Cut off, Mix 100%, Level -18.0db Helix output volume: 100% Download the preset and IR Chugalo Preset Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bohy978jakum2pr/Chugalo%20IR.hlx?dl=0 Engl Special Edition IR: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/y2ncba2glb4g71e/AAAwNUJZu_AmNg7YWU59DV4Ga?dl=0 EDIT: CustomTone Download: http://line6.com/customtone/tone/1345987/ Engl Special Edition.wav
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