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  1. I'm just a few weeks in with my Helix and just got to messing around with dropping a block to create a split Path. I am running 4CM with a Mesa TC-100. When I create the 1b path I am getting a very noticeable volume drop. The split and merge are all center panned. Why would that be happening? I haven't really needed this yet in any Presets, but if I end up with any having a lot of blocks and need the 2nd path to add more this will be an issue trying to balance it to other presets. Thanks in advance.
  2. My apologies if this was not clear. On any non PPIMV amp I have ever had, if you put a simple signal boost in the loop it will push the volume up. No gain change and no tone change as long as it is a clean, neutral signal boost. That same boost in front of a high gain amp or into a PPIMV amp may result in some volume increase, but mainly just more gain. Prior to the Helix I have been using an Empress ParaEQ, which has a switchable EQ and separate switchable boost, in the loop of my Bogner Helios. I set my rhythm tone, gain and volume for sitting in the mix during most of the song. I get to my guitar solo and I want that same tone and gain at a louder volume. Hence the CLEAN boost comment and the need for it to be footswitchable. Kick in extra volume with the boost side of the ParaEQ, play solo, kick back down to rhythm volume. I see ways to do this very same thing with the Helix in 4CM. Gain block for instance, after the amps preamp so it is feeding the preamp tone and gain level into the amps Power section at a higher level to increase volume only. Put the Gain block on a footswitch. The Issue of it not being global comes in when I find during a given gig that the Gain blocks level I have built is too high or too low. I do now see how I can adjust it via the stomp switches edit mode and the expression pedal and it will save those settings across all Snapshots, or just manually adjust in a way that applies to all Snapshots. I will be using a few Presets though so that's a pain. The Solo volume feature on many Mesas is great for this. My TC-100 has it and it is midi controlled. So far I've done all my Helix exploring with the TC where I am using the amps clean volume boost (Solo) controlled with midi and it is working out very well. The TC is new and I am liking it, but I love my Helios too and want to build presets around it, which means I need the Helix to provide the boost in the loop for solos. The whole point of this thing was to ditch my pedals and big, heavy pedal board and have a lighter, more portable all in one unit.
  3. I didn't. That comment was misleading. I just meant that I have set up multi-processors like this in 4CM before and have made them do many of the things I wanted. I recall setting up some volume boost method in the HD500, but it was not global on that either. I never used the HD500 in 4CM in my main band, but intend to replace my current board with the Helix and run 4CM.
  4. Yes, sorry something new. Looks like the other folks answered me. Thanks to all for the responses!
  5. So I just caught in a video about snapshots that you can either adjust parameters of an object just within that snapshot or do it in a way that is adjusting across all snapshots. I think that's my ticket. I'll likely be able to do what I need in a single preset with multiple snapshots. I guess the only other thing I'm still unsure of with the snapshots is if each within a preset can only contain the same objects or if you can have different effect blocks from one to the next?
  6. Bummer. I'm pretty simple when it comes to effects, but I do envision a few snapshots that will utilize the expression pedal in different ways. Hoping I won't have too many to adjust or that I find a value that pretty much works from one show to the next.
  7. So the Global EQ has a signal level adjustment that will act as a clean volume boost in this scenario? Kinda like the signal slider on a Boss GE7?
  8. I am getting a Helix this week and I am in the process of planning some stuff ahead of time and reading/watching videos on how to do some of what I know I will want. I have an HD500 and have used the 4CM setup with it and other units so I'm not starting totally from scratch. A very important function for me is a clean boost going into the FX return of my high gain amp (Bogner Helios) to bump up the volume for leads. No gain or EQ change, just volume. I see some ways to do this within a snapshot or preset, but what I would really like is a way to globally control it so that if I find from gig to gig I need a slightly higher or lower amount, I can change it once and not have to go into each snapshot/preset once I find exaclty what I need. Long way to get to the question...can the Global Output level be assigned to a footswitch that goes from say 0dB when 'off' and 3dB when 'on'? Thanks in advance
  9. I see what you guys are saying. I don't have studio monitors though and didn't want to incur more costs. I got some research and thinking to do. If I am being realistic, 90% of the time I play through this setup is going to be at night when I will need to use headphones anyway.
  10. I connected my HD500 to my PC long ago, but it was when I had a DT amp and I used the DT as the monitor and was just using the editing software on the PC. If I want to hear the HD through the PCs soundcard/speakers do I just connect via USB, turn on the speakers and go or is there more to it? I would like to play tracks on the PC and play my guitar ultimately into the PC so the two are mixed and coming out speakers or headphones.
  11. I used to love the Guitarport for learning and jamming along with songs. Having the audio player and control of tones in one GUI is convenient. I want to get it going again and will be purchasing a new PC with Windows 8 soon. I know Guitarport is an unsupported dinosaur, but are there W8 drivers for it?
  12. I started playing at my church a few months ago. I only play every few weeks as they rotate musicians. At any rate, for most of the times I played I was using the HD500 into the return of an amp that is kept in a closet behind the stage where it can be turned up a bit and mic'd. I did try going straight in once and really did not like the results (and yes I changed the global output accordingly). Yesterday was the first I got the 4CM working and used my Egnater MOD50 with a Vox/Matchless replica module providing the overdrive tones. It really worked great and I liked the tones a lot more than any modelling patch I had come up with although I really can't complain too much with the SLO crunch patches. For now my clean is provided by a Hiwatt patch on the HD500, but for different levels of crunch I have the preamp of the MOD50 coming in via the FX loop and then put a volume pedal with a set top level to pull back the amount of overall crunch. I have three such patches ranging from light crunch, to medium, to all of the preamp which is set to a fair amount of overdrive. I don't feel I have a great handle on using delays so I will probably use this thread to help me figure some of that out with what people have said and with some of the patch samples. I have really just set one type of delay and left it there for everything...pretty low mix level. I know I could make better use of delays for sure. My setup is probably overkill, but I like it and it works...so there is that :) Two of our songs yesterday had pretty crunchy guitars (Revelation Song and Come Thou Fount Come Thou King) and that Matchless tone was really rich and warm.
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