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    Saving Tones

    This might help..... discovered that if you power cycle the tablet, then repeat the above steps, Ive not as yet encountered the token error message. Possibly fixed. Hope this helps.
  2. P_J_Doyle

    Saving Tones

    Folks, Don't know what has changed in the last week or so; not encountered this before. What I have seen in the last four or five days is: a. Using Samsung Galaxy Note 8 tablet and Amplifi Remote V2.50.1 b. I go to my "My Tones" list c. I modify one of the tones (with a view to saving it with a different name) d. Invoke the "Cloud icon with the arrow" to initiate the save procedure e. Invoke the Floppy disk icon f. Choose "Save Tone As" drop down list icon g. Enter the new tone name in the resulting pop-up window h. Hit the OK button i. It saves! I then immediately perform the same steps b. through h. and I encounter the Error: Invalid Token and ... please logon again message. This consistently happens and its getting tedious having to re-log in again every time/every other time you try to save a tone. Like I say, its only started happening in the last week or so; I've not altered anything on the tablet with respect to s/w, config etc. Would be really appreciative if anyone can offer any guidance on whats happened/how to stop if from happening? VBR Peter
  3. LOL :) ..... that's my wife you are talking about :) Only joking.... All Doyle's are a bit mad!
  4. Hi StephenSLR, Thanks for your message, I hope the guys on here might be able to help as I have to hold my hand up and say I wouldnt really know where to start. Im so deeply indebted to hurghanico that my life rations of beer have been signed over to him for helping me out. The entire preset creation thing is a bit of a mystery to me. 2015 will be spent trying to get a handle on it! Good luck! VBR Peter
  5. Oh mate! Many thanks indeed for your kind comments - all I did was drive the car you built! :-). I really am so very grateful for your help. Have a great Christmas, and a prosperous 2015. PS Sadly I have to report no relation "Holmes"..... Doyle is a common Irish name and I come from the capital of Ireland .... Liverpool! :-) There are tons of us Im afraid. All the very best. VBR Peter
  6. Think Ive cracked it....... Uploaded the mp3 here.... https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zz8dijqzpcospz8/AACjQJct-MzrYOqraqqixUwxa?n=368926650 Hope you can access it. VBR Peter
  7. Apologies for the lengthy delay, its been a well long time caused by lifes trials. But, with the festive season upon us, its given me time to try to thank hurghanico properly for his generosity and assistance. Best way I could think to thank him is to splice myself into the track using his tone - hope I done both him and Noiseworks justice and that I havent crucified it. Is there a way I can upload the resulting mp3 onto here so you guys can hear my attempt? VBR Peter
  8. Nice one! :-) FYI Samsung phone and Galaxy Note both running V: 2.00.0 of Amplfi Remote
  9. Hi, Yes indeed, just looked at the release notes once again and - the reference to it has ..... enigmatically disappeared!!!! Bizarre! So much for Configuration Management :-) I agree, I think the functionality could only realistically be implemented within the Remote App but, Ive checked, and there doesnt seem to be an updated Android version that has been released. Thanks for checking. Cheers PEter
  10. Many thanks for your timely reply; good answer (though not the one I was hoping for :-)). Looks like its long stormy nights indoors then :-) One final query on this then. I have an HD 500 preset that I'd like to try to mimic in Amplifi. However, it uses an analogue delay (time 20 ms, mix at 30%) followed by an analog delay with modulation (time 1/4 note synchronised, feedback at 25%). The Amplifi interface only seems to allow one Delay followed by a "Mod" (or vice versa). Can I have two delays (as above) or am I constrained to just one? No way of shoehorning an analog delay with modulation into the "Mod" devices? Once again many thanks for your guidance. VBR Peter
  11. Hi The release notes for the latest version of the firmware states you can stop the Tap light flashing via an option in the Setup. Contacted Line 6 support yesterday on this and they confirmed the latest release does support disabling the flashing but that they hadn't tried it out; additionally, they confirmed there is no option for this in Amplifi Remote. So.... folks, how DO you get to disable the Tap button flashing? VBR Peter
  12. Dont know if this helps but I had a similar issue yesterday that got resolved. Issue was - performed the firmware update on Amplifi 150 successfully (although did NOT perform factory reset). Connected USB cable to PC (Windows 7) and tried to hook into Ableton Live 9 Lite. No cigar! Ableton did not see Amplifi - it did however still see my GX and HD 500. I noted that when I connected Amplifi to the PC I did see a driver successfully install - I suspect this was a generic USB driver installation.That is what had me scratching my head. Contacted Line 6 support and they stated I needed to download the Amplifi driver at ... http://line6.com/software/ Choose Amplifi 150 as the Product, Drivers as the software you want to pull and your OS. Execute the download..... I went back into Ableton and result! It saw Amplfi! Configure the input and output and off you go! Works sweet as a nut. Hope this helps. VBR Peter
  13. I'm seeking any help and advice on what may seem to be something of a daft lad question but..... is there a utility that can be used to take legacy presets (I possess a GX and HD 500) convert them into an Amplifi compatible format, and then get them into Amplifi? It does seem that with different Line 6 models (in this case GX and HD 500) the presets are stored in different formats, so (slightly risky maybe) but I'll assume the same is the case for Amplifi. Is this true? That being the case then seemingly two hurdles need to be overcome i.e. a. Is there a means of converting GX and/or HD 500 presets into a format that Amplifi can recognise? and b. How would one get the resulting Amplifi format compatible tone into the Amplifi Remote app, the "Cloud", and the Amplifi tool itself? Would really love to hear your thoughts on this as manually having to create them all from scratch within the Amplfi App is a hugely unappetising.and unappealing future endeavour (a job for life!) Many thanks and regards Peter .
  14. Quick enquiry please - from looking at the video tutorials of the Remote App (for obvious reasons all mainly hosted on Apple platforms) Ive noticed slight differences in functionality compared with the Android build that Ive installed on Samsung phone and Note. A couple of pieces of functionality e.g. uploading tones to hardware/cloud etc. have workarounds so no drama, what I have found missing on the Android build is the ability to slow the track that is playing to half speed (please refer to the image - the "timer" icon is absent on Android); so..... Is there a way to play a track at half speed on the Android build or has this functionality not been provided? If it hasnt, any plans to provide in future releases? Many thanks to anyone kind enough to comment
  15. Hi there, Many thanks indeed for your advice on this. Yes, understood; FYI I had disabled bluetooth on my mobile phone (the device hosting the Amplifi Remote App) before trying to get each of the PCs to connect. Also, the Amplifi 150 possess the latest upgrade to the firmware - in order for the Android mobile phone to communicate in the first place. Thanks once again for helping out. Cheers Peter
  16. Folks, As soon as I saw support for Android (w.c. 27th Oct) I've ordered and have taken of delivery of a 150. Oh YES! :-) Well happy apart from one small tiny issue. Noting one of Sean's video tutorials i.e. that the amp can act as basically as an external PC Bluetooth speaker, I've tried getting such connectivity to work. It singularly fails at the last of 4 driver install hurdles. So, trawling the documentation online, and taking note of the posting by julioredomero "I can't connect my amplifi 75 to pc by bluetooth" on http://line6.com/support/topic/8060-i-cant-connect-my-amplifi-75-to-pc-by-bluetooth/.... both of us have exactly the same problem. Lots of advice regarding it being a PC related issue and nothing to do with Line6 or Amplfi, OK, fair play. And so..... I have struggled manfully to uninstall/reinstall Bluetooth driver support on THREE different laptops (2 Samsung (different models) and 1 HP).... all running Win7 and all to no avail. Ive had British Telecom engineers remotely access and trawl over one of the Samsungs for over an hour trying to sort it out. No dice.... they gave up and said contact Line6 for the appropriate driver...... deep joy. :-(. Ive been onto Line6 Europe support, explained, and been informed... its a PC related issue. So.... lots of finger pointing but no result. OBJECTIVE: given what's advertised..... Id like to play some video/music (slowed down - so I can learn the licks) on the PC and have it output on the Amplifi over Bluetooth.... NEXT STEPS: After all the above background information illustrating the problem...... please..... HELP! Can we have a video tutorial that DEMONSTRATES a PC (Win 7 - please) that walks through . . . . step by step . . . . adding a Bluetooth device (Amplifi) to the PC so the PC creature can lob across its sound output to a 150? Ive spent hours working on this and Id rather spend my out of hours activity playing guitar..... drinking wine..... etc.etc. Any help and advice will be very, warmly welcome. Thanks and regards Peter
  17. hurghanico: Acknowledged. All the same, many thanks indeed.
  18. To hurghanico. What can I say? Thank you so much for your generosity and altruism. I owe you one, although I doubt I'll ever be in a position to adequately return your kind favour. Will try to get this into the HD later today and let you know how I get on. Many, many thanks indeed. Best wishes Peter
  19. Hi again, StephenSLR: Can I suggest you have a listen to this......... Played a live set of 40 mins (I think it was 1975) on UK TV Old Grey Whistle Test. I think your baby of the band is lying about his age...... Gary Rossington is playing slide on a Gibson SG. You sure its not your band member? :-) Enjoy!
  20. Hi Stephen, Guess we are drifting from my original post, but that's ok by me, if its ok for the other folks. My own 2p on your last posts would be: You have made me feel soooooo old :-)..... your baby of the band being so young he's likely never heard of Lynyrd Skynyrd! You've got to educate him mate :-). Gimme Three Steps, I Aint the One, not even going their mention their closing set iconic number. I was lucky enough to see them several times in the UK back in the 70's most notably Liverpool Empire (my home town) and Knebworth 76 where they blew the Stones off stage! Regarding USA, I agree with your/their sentiment but I guess it goes for all bands, wherever they originate. The mantra being: you want to make it "big" (I mean globally big) you have to crack the US. Think of the catchment..... USA 250 million+ pairs of ears...... against (in this case Australia) c. 20 million or UK c. 60 million? Just the arithmetic is kind of compelling.
  21. Hi again, Just following up with more thanks to the folks who added to the thread yesterday, some great advice indeed. But, to hurghanico - I'm simply astonished! Just downloaded your mp3 and I am blown away by what you have been able to achieve in such a short period of time. Its brilliant! Not only that but you've nailed the guitar playing as well. You're a talented guitarist indeed. Thank you very much for sharing your results with us. As I mentioned at the outset, I am a complete beginner with the HD500 so dont really know, as yet, how to "chain" all the bits together you mentioned above. Is it too cheeky to ask if you would be willing to publish the HD500 tone (like you did with the mp3 file)? I could then load it into my device and learn from the great sound you've managed to achieve. It would give me such a help start to learning. I appreciate what other folks have said that what works for you may not work for me, but all the same I think it would give me a fantastic starting point. I hope I'm able to pass on my thanks to all the folks who have posted on you sharing your mp3 with us. Also, my sincere thanks to all who have contributed to the thread. Kindest regards Peter
  22. LOL..... :-) Just had a look at your website, impressive stuff! Also, the guy on the right (more than a passing resemblance to Gary Rossington, Lynyrd Skynyrd)?
  23. I would just say thank you so much for all the constructive, considered and thought provoking replies. You have clearly gone to considerable time and effort to point me in the right direction and I am really grateful to you all. Apologies for taking a little while to respond as I wanted to ensure I was able to respond in a similarly considered manner and try to do justice to all your guidance. Overall, I think my initial posting amply illustrated my naivety in what I thought was a relatively straightforward request. Clearly, it isn’t, and I have significantly underestimated the degree of complexity involved; a lesson well and truly learned. The overall impression I got was being slightly disheartened by the daunting task “There are simply too many variables involved†as cruisinon2 notably pointed out. However, on the upside, Stephen SLR pointed me in the direction of some collateral that can help me find a starting point and an initial way forward. On a slightly different tack, apologies to him since I’m a Pom! J I used to live in Perth back in the late 80’s, did a lot of travelling around Oz, but am now back the UK. However, I still have many fond memories of a truly great country and people. As previously mentioned, in order to do your responses justice, I feel it only right to make a few comments on each of your replies, and once again, thanks once again for all your thoughts.. Still_fiddlin: Fair point well made regarding the “post-production†that takes place that may/will alter the sounds made by the guitarist initially. With that in mind I did a little more digging on YouTube and found a couple of live versions of the track. If you have time, see what you think of live v’s studio tracks from the perspective of the guitar sound. From my untrained ear, the live sound is pretty close to the scrubbed up production sound version of them miming in the first video. Can you spot anything about what it is he’s playing with/through on the live version? I could then perhaps use the amp/guitar as a starting point. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjsD8dJXEKE With respect to my guitars, I’m a leftie and have three electric guitars i.e. a Jap built Fender Strat (Hendrix ’68 re-issue) I bought nearly 30 yrs ago now (time really does fly), a USA built Fender Strat (nearly 20 yrs old), and a Squire Telecaster. I tend to use a WEM Combo 30 watt (Ive had since Jesus played left back for Israel). If you’ve ever seen Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii you’ll know all about WEM. If its good enough for Dave Gilmour then….. QED. You mention that the guitar sounds “LP-ish†– I assume you mean a Gibson Les Paul, if so I agree with you that it does. However, could you explain what you mean by “I'd start with a HB guitarâ€? Do you mean Humbucker pickups? Gibson stable e.g. SG, Explorer, Les Paul type thing? Also, can you spot what he’s playing in the liver videos as I don’t recognise the guitar – but I think I saw him using humbucker pickups which goes back to your thought about why it sounded LP ish. Thanks for the steer regarding “pick an overdrive and delay effect (tube screamer and digital delay w/mod etc…..†sound advice and I’ll certainly give it a go. Additionally, will hunt through the 500 to see if there is anything called Seven Bells, even if there isn’t at least your description gives me a starting point. Many thanks indeed, and for the process you point out about how to go about developing a tone; excellent advice. Cruisinon2: Many thanks for the bet…. Case of Australian Shiraz, or Spanish Rioja please, but I take your point and I think your red wine is well and truly safe J . Your advice, “If you need a jumping off point, try picking a factory preset that is at least in the same vague ballpark as what you're looking for, and start making changes from there†kind of mirrors what other folks have said and I acknowledge and take on board what you say. Based on your experience, do you have any intuitive gut feel for the sort of factory preset I should be looking at? As for “wet shoesâ€â€¦. LMAO.:-) Brian6String: You’re more than welcome, and thank you. Im sure StephenSLR will be able to tell you more about them than I ever could, but there a fair few cracking tracks of theirs you can listen to on YouTube. I literally wore my tape of theirs travelling around Australia. Listening to them again brings back some great memories. Once again, many thanks indeed for the steer about it being U2-ish (I can hear what you mean about the resemblance now you mention it) and will certainly try out what you suggest. I did a little more research on the guitarist, I believe his name is Stuart Fraser and I discovered a Facebook fan site for Noiseworks (but no joy regarding guitar details) and also the official Noiseworks site at https://www.facebook.com/noiseworksofficial - will try digging around there and maybe be cheeky enough to try to post something to him and enquire about what he used/uses. Will let you know if I get anything from them. I think I might have stumbled onto the same video as you did here i.e. re: your comment on Ulbrick amps http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrX__qmRIHU StephenSLR: “G’day mate†from a Pommy ***** J Many thanks for your post and the pointer to the web collateral to help me get going. That’s a comprehensive set of information to digest for sure! That’s pretty much taken care of the rest of my spare time for 2014. Finally, and at the risk of repeating myself, many, many thanks for all the advice and for taking the time to respond. Looking forward to seeing any other replies from the questions I’ve posed above. Will then see if I can actually get something that goes some way towards matching Stuart’s sound. Thanks and regards Peter
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