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  1. XT live seems to be overkill to be used just for an interface. Any of the tabletop models? (inexpensive) I see the POD X3 live being both a floor pedal and tabletop. Are these the same things or does only the floor model have the correct interface for Workbench?
  2. I'm using the interface supplied with the Workbench software. And I've tried several USB ports on two computers, running Win7 and XP. No usb hub. I just tried to rollback the firmware version to an older one and it got 99percent done (which took about 10minutes) before getting the timeout error. Just frustrating that I can upload the setting from the guitar, but it times out when I try to download. I'd like to find somebody local who has a POD I can use just to see if that will work for me. The only thing I want to do is to create a few alternate tunings. This has become a huge time drain just for that. But I appreciate the support ideas. What is the oldest POD that will work with Workbench (not HD)?
  3. Although I did allow it to install Java, it specified ver6? but took me to the Java site which downloaded something newer. I will see about downloading the older version of Java if possible. Thanks. If not too much trouble, can you tell me the versions of each piece of software you are running? I want to duplicate your setup. Thanks.
  4. Has anybody been able to download patch changes to their Variax with the workbench software? I'm constantly getting midi timeout errors and tech support has been no help. I can upload the patches with no problem, but once modified I get a midi timeout error when downloading (synching) to the Variax. I've used two different computers and multiple usb ports and I have two Variax 300 guitars. All produce same error. BTW: I do power the guitars with the adapter, not batteries, although I did go the battery route with no success. And I'm using the adapter and cables that comes with the Workbench software purchase.
  5. I have this same issue, is there a solution?
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