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  1. bassguy129 have you gone into Gloal Settings/ Footswitches and set Preset Mode Switches to Stomp/Snap after the firmware update?
  2. Due to the potential amount of hours undertaken to create your own presets and the ease by which the Helix is turned on and immediately open for anyone to access any of the settings and change/delete them, let alone the unit being stolen and, again, easily accessed for use by another person, would it be advantageous to have a login/password setting similar to other devices e.g. Computers, mobiles etc..?
  3. Whilst using the 4CM does it matter exactly where the Send and Return blocks are positioned within a preset?
  4. Everything fine with my unit, even security seal intact. Has latest firmware version as well. Scribble strips perfect. Remember to load Helix drivers from Line6 web site as well as update program before you attach the unit to a computer.
  5. Just had call from PMT Manchester, mine is ready to be picked up at my leisure. Ordered it 7 weeks ago.
  6. Just got word from PMT Manchester, England, that my unit has arrived and is ready to be picked up. Good luck over in the USA with your orders.
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