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  1. I would like to know if there's a way to use perhaps MIDI or some other connection to MASTER/SLAVE two POD HD units together? In particular, I have a POD HD500 and an HD400 ... and I would like to use the HD400 as merely the "effects" SLAVE to the HD500 MASTER. This contraption almost works perfectly except I am forced to TAP TEMPO the SLAVE/EFFECTS device only. This limits me to using only 1 device for tap tempo effects and I'd like to be able to use both (if possible). any ideas?
  2. Can someone explain the 30 day money back trial? How can I get my money back if I don't like the models?
  3. Try working "inside the box", so to speak. Yes, its regretable that one can't play a chord and have the harmonizer yield a full chord. Instead, try building a patch with two octaves (one +12, and one -12) and blend with the original. I've made many "POG" type sounds with the PODHd500 that were very close to Joe Satriani's "Super Colossal". Maybe add a little octoverb and you'll have a real thick sound.
  4. I've been using my POD HD500 in worship now for just a little over 1 year. The tones are really quite good. I too will use an ABCD clean to hi-gain methodology ... and agree that the 5ms delay is frustrating. I'm primarily using the ENGL amp model for high gain leads (sorry, I can't remember off the top of my head what I'm using for cleans). I love using the Octo-verb when our keyboard player moves to the piano. I just need to find more time to make more patches with layered delays and more effects.
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