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  1. Just had a reply from Line6 Support. They're saying this thread is really helpful and will be passed down to QA to track down the issue. So, good job everybody and thanks. Hopefully it will be addressed in future updates.
  2. There were no Placater blocks in the patches I was using. I don't think this would be related. But it's good to know. I'm still waiting to hear from Line6 support on the issue.
  3. I just packed the Helix for a gig, so I'll try sunday night. I have no doubt it will work. As soon as some dsp is freed up it works. I redid the patch using the Placater Clean instead of the Archetype Clean and it works. it just a really small amount of dsp that is lost.
  4. Thanks for checking. The same was happening to me. Path A had been cleared, but it contained the blocks I had listed. If you can send me the two presets I could forward them to Line6 support. They didn't seem to grasp the nature of the problem I described. They would have something to work with.
  5. Thanks. First 2 are problematic. The others were OK.
  6. I had saved the bundle before the update. I don't know if I can extract a single preset from that. I'm joining the whole bundle to the post. I received an answer from Line6 but they just told me there was an issue importing presets containing the Kinky Boost. Didn't have that problem since I have a Kinky Boost in all my patches. I'm thinking of making a video documenting the problem. Also I realized I used the term "loss of dsp" while I maybe should have used "loss of memory". I actually don't know which might be the cause. Helix Bundle (2018-Jul-16).hlb
  7. I just had an idea and tried to load what I had in path A to path B, and it still didn't work. So... I don't know... It seems constant to both paths.
  8. The preset was definitely borderline because I could not add any other blocks to it, not even a gain block. As for the SLO channel, yes they were the same. I was using the Archetype Clean because the SLO clean wouldn't allow me to use the SLO Crunch, and I used the SLO crunch because the SLO Lead wasn't available anyway. Obviously, I didn't lose a lot of dsp, but still, I know I lost a little. And of course, I'm not talking of losing dsp per se, but having other process I dont control use it.
  9. The problem for me is not necessarily to have to move things around or having to redo the preset. I know I can make something work. I just don't like the idea of having to use a different amp or pedal model in a patch that sounded good before. I haven't tried it, but I think I could go back to 2.54 if I don't use the new amp models. But they do sound good though..
  10. That would make sense. But still, I would like to keep my patches intact when upgrading the firmware. If we lose a little everytime there's an update, we'll have to think twice before doing so.
  11. I created a support ticket. Will wait for the answer and keep you posted. I wouldn't think it's the reverbs. They are in path B in my patches and therefore shouldn't be using the dsp of path A.
  12. Double checked on the mono thing, and they're all in mono. Also loaded the bundle I saved before the update and only the presets that were full don't get loaded correctly. I will contact support. I was curious to see if I was the only one. I think it's probably a minimal change but I somehow managed to really fully load the dsp with a specific combination of blocks. If I use the new Placater Clean instead of the Archetype Clean, then it works.
  13. Just did the update to 2.60 Weird thing I noticed is that some preset were screwed up afterwards. Just some of 'em. Trying to put them back together I realized I could not load all the blocks I previously had. Incidently, those preset that were screwed were fully loaded. No room for even a gain block (in path A that is, but path B is loaded enough that I can't compensate in this one). I have to conclude that the update has changed something in the way the machine uses its DSP. Maybe a process is taking up just a bit more. A little disappointed with that. I was pretty much able to do what I wanted with the Helix, now I'm more limited. Has anyone notice anything similar? It would be nice to have Line6 address this problem. Besides changing my patches, is there a solution that could enable me to keep all the blocks in? As a reference, path A was loaded with the Fassel Wah, Kinky Comp, Minotaur, Scream 808, Kinky Boost, Volume Pedal, Archetype Clean Amp (Amp only), Solo Lead Crunch (Amp only). That completely used the dsp of path A. Now I can't load all of those blocks in anymore.
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