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  1. Hi im using guitar rig 5 for a while and i really like the 80's solo preset, sound really good and smooth for leads etc. I tried to emulate that sound with my pod hd 500x with bad results. Need help,advice etc...i get close with the SOLO amp but i just can say with 50% accurate sound. Really I will appreciate any help.
  2. Thanks....and yes today test this and affects....thanks again guys
  3. well like the title said....if I put combo, pwr stack...etc only affects the 1/4" outs? or the XLR out suffers the same Eq changes? in ask this because i want to use my combo amp like stage monitor and XLR to the mixer.... so i discover this sound great with the combo pwr amp option when i use HD preamps. But i need to know if this option will affect in sound the xlr direct to Mixer.
  4. Hi i need your help, i bought an amp with fx loop, and i tried the 4C method, and was easy and wonderfull, I use de pod hd amps but i realice that amp cabinet make the amp sound more dark or bassy, but when i select no cabinet on the pod HD sounds amazing like i heard on the mixer. Now this is the dilema, i play on church the sound boy always prefered direct line to the mixer, he doenst like puting mic in front of the amp :angry:. So i connect the pod with xlr cable direct on the mixer and sounds good on the line array system, but i never like the stage monitor...it was an acoustic amp...ok back on the line...my question is can i put on the pod hd 2 amps but one just a pream and the other amp/cabinet, split the signal so the Amp/cabinet sounds to xlr(Right) cable to the mixer, and the preamp only for the 4 cable method?...
  5. Hi i need opinions of this PA Alto SXM112A, for the pod hd 500, is worth or not? i play in church trough mixers and line array systems so for monitoring i use a small acoustic amp, sounds good but not have the same tone of the line array. So i need opinions somebody?
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