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  1. Got it done...
  2. My goal is to have the HD500X send midi to turn on/off channel A on the Lehle 1@3. Practical application is to turn off the virtual HD amp in an HD500X patch. This will mute the DT25 and allow the signal to pass with effects to the Lehle switch connected to an Avatar 45 Watt. Turning on the virtual HD amp will switch off Lehel channel A, muting the Avatar and allowing signal to pass to the DT25. The Lehle can receive (and send) midi on any channel and can be programmed to respond (channel on/off) to incoming midi. http://lehle.com/EN/Lehle-1at3-SGoS Need some help with the HD500X midi side...
  3. Has anyone encountered this...the Low Volume Mode switch is literally backwards. The lighted indicator under the main volume knob is lit and the switch to the LVM side but the amp is at full volume. The opposite occurs when switched to normal full mode, light off but amp in LVM. The switch is connected directly to a PCB. Help! Upon further review...I have always used the DT25 with a Pod HD500X via L6 Link and was experimenting connecting the HD500X via unbalanced outs into the DT25 guitar input. This is where the problem started. The DT25 LVM switch worked in reverse when the HD500X was plugged in through the guitar input. It went back to normal when I went back to L6 Link connection. WOW!
  4. Selling a DT25 AMP and DT25 1X12 cab. Check it out on Sweetwater's Trading Post https://tradingpost.sweetwater.com/119585-used-line-6-dt-25-amp-w-dt25-1x12-cabinet Not gigged and in great condition. Does have one cosmetic scuff on top of the amp but not through the tolex.
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