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  1. Good question. I don't know what any of the input impedance ratings are (it's hard enough to find out how much current each pedal draws!), but this is what I'm trying to achieve... Guitar -> Empress Buffer+ -> Bearfoot HBOD -> Timmy -> Rockett Blue Note -> Flashback X4 (in buffered bypass mode) -> Carbon Copy -> Empress Buffer+ -> Amp Effects Send -> MXR Smart Gate -> Neunaber Wet (do not yet have) -> Ditto Looper -> Effects Return For my above test, I did this... #1. I plugged the guitar straight into the amp (3ft cable) and used a 6 inch cable to patch the Effect Send with Effect Return (no pedals). #2. I plugged the guitar straight into the amp (3ft cable), I removed the buffer loop from the chain, patched the two loops together and ran the following pedals in the effects loop with all of the pedals off... Effects Send -> 6ft cable -> Bearfoot HBOD -> Timmy -> Rockett Blue Note -> Flashback X4 (in buffered bypass mode) -> Carbon Copy -> MXR Smart Gate -> Ditto Looper - 6ft cable -> Effects Return There was definitely a very substantial difference in high end between the two.
  2. Right, I understand all of that. My question is only from Effect Send -> 25ft of cable -> Buffered pedals. I'm not worried about the return because at least one pedal in the loop is buffered. If the Effect Send is low impedance already, then I wouldn't need a buffer. If it's high impedance, then I would. I don't have any 25ft cables to try so I removed the buffer from my board and ran my entire board in the DT-25's effects loop with all of the pedals off. There was a significant loss of high end so I'm thinking a buffer is more than likely going to be required :(, although, it's not a perfect test and the loss may be less with a single cable than a bunch of smaller patches and TB pedals.
  3. That looks like a pretty close scenario to what I'm looking at (25ft to send and then 25ft to return). Have you tried running that setup with your FX loop pedals off and then compare it to not using the FX loop at all? And no treble roll off noticeable?
  4. Does the FX loop send a low impedance or a high impedance signal out of the "Send" jack? I'm thinking of mic'ing my amp in a room off-stage which would require ~25ft of cable (each way) and I'm trying to figure out if I would need a buffer at the start of the "Send" to make it to my pedal board where my effects loop pedals would be ~25ft of cable away. One of the pedals in the loop has a buffer for the return 25ft trip back to the amp and I do have a buffer from my pedalboard before the amp input. I don't want to spend the money on the cables if I'm going to have to buy another buffer in order to make it work. The setup looks like this... Guitar => buffer => pedals => ~25ft cable => amp FX loop send => (buffer needed?) => ~25ft cable => 2 pedals (one buffered) => ~25ft cable => FX loop return
  5. I have a delay pedal running through the effects loop of my DT25 amp and when I switch channels on the amp, there is a very nasty and loud pop followed by repeats of the pop as it is picked up by the delay. Now, without the loop, I realize there is some clicking as the analog circuits are switching, but I would think that the effects loop would (should?) be bypassed during the switching process and automatically re-enabled once the switch is completed. Am I missing something?
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